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How to Rid yourself of Unwanted Thoughts

       Have you ever had unwanted thoughts that plague you and it just wont go away. It takes up a large part of your thinking process and doesn’t allow you to enjoy life and use your brain for other more pleasurable thoughts. These thoughts can sometimes dominate your mind so strongly that you cannot think of anything else. Especially after a breakup, job loss or losing someone special in your life. This can go on day after day making your life untenable. However there is a simple method to rid yourself of these unwanted thoughts until you decide that, if ever, you want to deal with them


      The first time you use this method I recommend that you try it when your free to sit undisturbed for a few minutes. It does not take long and after a little you will be able to do this instantly on the fly without having to stop, sit and relax. Sit down and close your eyes and relax your body little by little, starting from your head and slowly moving down your body. Relax you shoulders, your arms, your tummy, etc. Finally relax your upper and lower legs and then feet. Feeling you feet strongly connected to the ground. Breath deeply and evenly.

 Close your eyes and imagine

       Now close your eyes and imaging a box in front of you. It does not have to be a box, it can be a bag or some type of container just as long as it has a lid or some means of closing. Now imagine what colour it is, what shape. How big is it? What is it made of? Does it have any decorations? Does it play music when you open it? Ask yourself as many questions about the box as you like and build it in your mind. It's very special, its YOUR box. The more detail the box has the more effective it will be at containing you unwanted thoughts. Your brain cannot tell fantasy from reality, so the more detail the box has, the more it will be considered real by your mind.

Put the thoughts into the box

      Now place your box on a table in front of you and open it. The inside of the box is massively huge and can contain any thoughts and as many as you can put in there. Imagine it opens to another dimension and all your unwanted thoughts can go in to it. So picture the thought in your head as an object or person. For example if your worried about work you can imagine the building you work in or your boss or co worker. Now take that thought and put it in the box and close the lid. Out of sight, out of mind.

 Put the box on the shelf

      It is very important that you take the box and place it somewhere in your mind where it is not part of your conscious mind. In other words it just placed somewhere that you can get too easily but wont be on the top of your mind. Don’t hide it where you can,t find it, I do that too many times with the car keys. I suggest you imagine a shelf in the corner of your mind where you can place the box when you are not using it. Remember it's always available instantly, all you need to is imagine the shelf and there will be your box. Waiting just where you left it. So go ahead and put your box on the shelf.

 Feel the empty space in your mind

       Do you notice anything? With a little practice you will start to notice that it feels like there is a big empty space inside your mind. It feels great. That is the part of your mind that was constantly working on you unwanted thoughts. Now that there is nothing for it to work on at the moment so it's like having a big empty space inside your mind. Feels good doesn’t it, now you can think about whatever you want with all that extra space!

        So now you have an effective tool you can use to quiet your mind and allow it to rest. With some practice you can pull out the box and put whatever thought in it you like and put it back on the shelf in an instant. You can also go back into the box and get a memory out, just reach in and think about that memory and pull it out. I recommend you only do this when you are good and ready to deal with some of the thoughts that you put in the box. Some of them you will never take out. Irrational worries for example of self defeating thinking. I hope this technique helps you out as much as it has helped my in my life. It is very powerful and comes in very hand. Think positive thoughts!

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