It's so hard to resist the temptation of not fighting back when dealing with difficult people. I know, sometime you get tired of holding your tongue and you feel like you just want to say really wants on your mind. You think, "I will not be treated this way," or "I won't let you get away with this." But reality is, the EGO wants to win the argument and needs to be right. Even if you are right, you have to work against the temptation of fighting fire with fire. You can stand up for yourself without getting into a tizzy. Before you catch yourself heading down the wrong lane, remind yourself of long-range goals that need to be met and don't let that person(s) jeopardize that for you.

Things You Will Need

Diary -- to express how you feel when you are angy. No one has to read it or know your inner thoughts. Let it all out.

Positive Mentor

Spiritual connection to your source


Step 1

Step 2

Resist the urge to 'win' the argument. No body ever wins when everyone is fighting. People always walk away mad or distressed and generally, never at peace. Remember that difficult people are hurting and they must bring others down because they are miserable with their own lives. The EGO LOVES conflict and mayhem and your best bet is to do nothing. Don't allow people to take control over your emotions; negative emotions within you will stir up more anger, resentment and despair. You can become irrational and can create a battle between your soul (which is inherently good and is Truth) and the ego – the battlefield will wreak havoc on your body, creating physical illness and pain.

Step 3

Don't take their words personally as you are not the only one they have ever targeted. Difficult people attract difficult circumstances and walk around with a negative energy field. So in the efforts as to not ignite their desire to start an argument, let them say what they need to say and you move on. Dr. Wayne Dyer mentioned in one of his self help books that attention goes where energy flows. The negative, combative language will increase in size and proportion. Energy wasted on negativity could have been better spent on increasing positive inner wellness.

Step 4

Choose peace over conflict. Understand that everyone has a right to their own opinions. Deep down inside you may know that their thoughts/actions are wrong, but that is not the point. Let their Maker deal with them because they are not your battle to fight. Since they have a right to their own opinions, understand that you have a 'right' to manage how you react to difficult people.


Tips & Warnings

If you are dealing with anger issues or resentment problems and it is causing grief and strife in your other relationships, consider speaking to a positive mentor, a church leader/pastor or seek out a counselor. Find a way to release negative energy bottled up inside which may have come from people who have hurt you. Take theruptic classes like yoga or meditation and do fitness exercises to help relieve stress.