I have worked over 10 years running and managing a motel. These are the tips and guidlines I have learned from running a successful high profit motel. Below are the top 6 ways to get and keep good customers cause not only are they the core of your business, but they will make you very rich. And because of this, having bad tenants, will make you very poor. Below are guidlines to help you get great tenants.

Rule 1

The main issue of running a conventional hotel is how to separate undesirable guests from great guests. Poor guests destroy room, burn holes, steal stuff, trigger disturbances for other guest and general supply the hotel owner unneeded stress and sanity. In my ten years of running small and large hotels, an I've learn to seen 6 simple guidlines to look in people to get great tenants. Rule number 1 is you have to realize it is a people business, and you have to learn how to select and read if your tenant is good or not.

Rule 2
Exactly what your searching for every time a guest signs in the way they act. You are looking for red flags. In fact police often take advantage of this exact same system. If you feel the client is gonna cause you issues, the best thing you can do is make it tougher for them to rent by raising the cost on them. Do not deny them and explain the reason. This is cause it may be ground for a court action particularly if you live in a sue prone state like California. Should they still buy the room, place them in the cigarette smoking bedroom. Smoking rooms tend to get problems more then Non Smoking bedrooms.

Rule 3
Here are some factors to consider when they check in.

Did they compensate through credit card?

Guests who check in with a credit card are often good clients who will not damage their very own bedrooms. Realize should they do, the lodge may charge their own card.

Rule 4
How is their cleanliness?

Do they dress nicely. Individuals who typically dress nicely and maintain themselves hygienic usually keep the bedrooms tidy. I've experienced customers who checked in appearing like bums with grease and dirt on their face and they would damage nice good bedrooms and eliminate bathroom towels that may never be utilized once again.

Rule 5
What age are they?

Check out the state id. People who tend to be below 21 want to party. Not every but some. Be sure you take a $35 deposit to help insure damage. Whatever you feel is necessary. And be sure to tell them there can be no celebrations or extra guests.

Rule 6
A Few Things I learned on the job and that are my opinion. These are just trends I noticed.

Mexicans who check in with their mexican ids tend to be the best customers. They do not create trouble because many of them could possibly be illegal and they are afraid to deal with the law and do not want to cause trouble.

Asians tend to be respectful decent customers. Most of them are well mannered and considerate.

If you see something out of place, make use of gut intuition. More often then not you'll be right. Such as maybe I will see a person who has all these credit cards and cash on him, but he looks like a bum. He might have thieved the wallet. Things like that will save you plenty of trouble in the long run.