Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a simple operation to ensure that a site can be found in the search engines related to the words and phrases to what the site offers.

YouTube is now the second search engine in the world. It is very much essential for a webmaster to understand SEO for YouTube videos. After reading this post, hope you have a better understanding of how to optimize your videos to get more exposure in searches on YouTube and the organic ranking of your video on YouTube.

SEO for you tube videos

Search Engine Optimization not only extends to the revenue sharing content sites, blogs, sites or Wordpress. Anything and everything is based on search engine traffic is to compete on equal terms, and as such should be search engine optimized, including your YouTube videos. To be accepted into the YouTube partner program you must accumulate a certain level of traffic, a good percentage of this traffic must comes through search engines. Once you are accepted or invited successfully in the YouTube Partner Program you can generate a good income. New traffic from organic search engines plays an important role to generate income. If your intention is not on YouTube to make direct entry, but instead of promoting a product or direct readers to a website, your financial success is still measured by the level of success achieved by the search engine optimization. You should note that YouTube itself is already the second most used search engine in the world, thus optimizing the internal is probably more important than optimizing the outside, it is said that Google loves YouTube videos. YouTube and Google is obviously the same company.

The following tips will help you to get high rank for your video and get good amount of visitors.

Keyword research

Keyword research is important because YouTube Video is very competitive. If you spend a little time to do some keyword research you can definitely find some niche terms that are much easier to rank. It makes sense to do some keyword research so that you may be able to find some niche markets within the terms of destination. Without this step, the video will be much more difficult to classify and rank high position. It is not very difficult to find a niche or micro niche that has not been widely covered in YouTube. This is where the most traffic is going to win. Perhaps the most effective way to do this is to use your favorite keyword tool.

Video Title

Use your chain of keywords in the title. It is very important if you want to get a good rank in search engine.

Video Description

The description is the place to discuss your keyword again, but only once. Use a few relevant sentences, but do not overuse your keyword. Keyword stuffing is damaging rather than beneficial. Be sure to write the content in a compelling way that drives the user to take action. This description is what the user will see before watching your video. Write the description such a that it is useful to the user, not write for search engine.


People often underestimate the power of labels, videos related to the right of the track or album they are fed almost exclusively by the titles and labels. Find five or six videos of success, and take two of each relevant tags. As with a blog, you can add tags to your videos.

Identify partners link

This is probably the most important part of the video SEO. You can search YouTube for the keywords you want to classify and identify the highest ranked videos. Take the URL and see where they appear on the Internet using Google or any other search engine. Once you know you are linking to videos of your competitors, you should start making a list of these sites a. You can then break your list into categories such as blogs, social networks, forums etc., and identify ways to get the contents promoted in these same channels. Once you identify the right partners "Video" link, you can usually count for more video links to come as long as your content remains relevant.

An easy way to get a link to your video is to write a blog about video and the video link in your message. By creating quality content, you can find some blog owners put in place that would welcome a guest blog that included some unique video content. If you want search engines to see your video as an importance you will need Dofollow backlinks.

Video Responses 

Identify other videos similar to your video. Post your video as a video to answer some of these other videos if owners choose to give answers. Allow others to add video responses to your own video, but refuse or withdraw a response video that is not relevant to the subject.

YouTube Video SEO - How to Optimize Your YouTube Video