Online Safety Tips

To Protect Your Money and Fine Jewelry Purchase

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If you know what you're doing, you can buy jewelry for lower prices online than you can expect to pay in a traditional store. However, you have to be careful of dishonest sellers who might try to disguise costume jewelry as real gold or take your money without giving you anything in return. If you're interested in buying jewelry online, follow the tips below to ensure you get the highest quality jewelry for your money.

* Don't just get on a computer and search for "online jewelry stores." If you do, you're setting yourself up for frustration and risk finding scams instead of legitimate jewelry stores. Instead, start with well-known companies; most jewelry companies that you see advertised on television or in the mall have websites where you can buy jewelry. If these well-known stores demand higher prices than you are willing to pay, decide what type of jewelry you are looking for and search for stores that sell it. For example, search for "online gold bracelet sales" rather than "online jewelry stores" to narrow search results to stores that are likely to have what you are looking for.

    * If you decide to use a jewelry store that you haven't heard of before, always search for that jewelry vendor's name in Google or another search engine before doing business. If a particular company is dishonest, you'll find customer complaints by doing this kind of search. Sometimes the company's name with the word "scam" appears as a suggested search when you start typing in the company's name. Be wary of dealing with any company that is associated with scams online. Even if the company is legitimate, enough people have had problems with it that you can expect trouble if you deal with it.

      * In addition to ensuring that the companies you deal with online are legitimate, you should take steps to protect your payment account information from hackers and other third parties who might try to steal the information when you submit it to the company. Thieves sometimes break into websites or intercept transmission of credit card information so that they can steal your credit card number and use it to make unauthorized purchases.

        * The best way to protect your credit card from this kind of fraud is to use a third-party payment systemSafe Online Shopping for JewelryCredit: such as Amazon Payments or Paypal. When you make purchases through these types of systems, the merchant you're buying form never sees your credit card information. This makes it less likely that thieves will be able to get a hold of your credit card data.

          * Whether you use a third-party payment system or submit your credit card information directly, only use sites that provide secure transmission of credit card information. If the payment page is secure, you'll see an "S" or a picture of a lock in the lower left corner of your browser. In addition, the merchant's web address should be listed as "" instead of "" Never do business with a merchant who does not use security to collect credit card payments, as thieves can more easily intercept unsecure sites to steal payment information.

            Don't let low prices tempt you out of using online safety tips when buying jewelry. You can find legitimate deals if you take your time and protect yourself from fraud and dishonesty while searching for jewelry deals online.