There are many self defense weapons available on the market. At places like Buds Gun Shop and the Corner Store, you will find tips on how to keep yourself safe and how to safely store your weapons. It is important to have self defense weapons nearby and ready when you are in an emergency situation, but how do you do this and keep the weapons out of the reach of children?

Safely Storing Weapons

It is recommended that you have a safe in the home to store the self defense weapons. It may seem impossible to get to the safe, open it and have a gun ready for an intruder, but it is necessary to keep children in the home safe. If your guns or other weapons are stored in a safe, keep the key in another location. It is a good idea to have the safe or lock box put away somewhere up high, like the top of a closet shelf. The key can be anywhere that is within easy reach.

Do not keep your weapons loaded if at all possible. It may not be so hard for little snooping fingers to find a key and unlock the box, but it is much more difficult for them to load a gun.

Small Personal Self Defense Weapons

Many people carry items such as stun guns, pepper spray, mace, knives or air tasers for their personal safety. Smaller items like this are usually kept in a vehicle, pocket or purse. It is important to remember to keep them out of the reach of children when they are not in use. If you keep a stun gun or pepper spray in your purse, you might want to have it in a separate pocket than your other items. If you are being attacked and go to quickly reach for your weapon, if it is at the bottom of your purse buried under several other items, you will never get to it in time. The attacker is not going to wait for you to find what you need to fight him off, so have it ready and in easy access at all times.

It is important that everyone in the home learn how to safely handle weapons. If you have children in the home, let them take a course on gun safety and learn how to properly handle a gun in case they ever find one. If your children are not as curious about what it is, you are less likely to have them snoop to find it and experiment with it. Even if there are no children in the home, it is recommended that a gun be placed in a locked box.