Whenever there is a hot new toy, it seems like warnings and news reports about the danger of playing with that toy start popping up. Zhu Zhu pets are no exception. There are reports about them being unsafe to play with and moms cutting them out of their children's hair. There were even rumors, now said to be wrong, that some of the toys contain unsafe amounts of antimony. So, do you take your children's beloved new pets away from them? This is a decision only you can make, but unless there is an official recall or real dangers are discovered, good parenting and common sense should take care of most of the currently reported problems with Zhu Zhu pets.

Things You Will Need

Hamster cage or shoe box
Soap and water

Step 1

Teach your child about real hamster care. Real hamsters should be handled respectfully and shouldn't be allowed free reign in the house. Talk about how to play with real hamsters, what to do before and after playing with them and the importance of being gentle with these tiny animals. Learning what to do with a real hamster will help children avoid many of the problems other children are having with Zhu Zhu pets and will help them avoid hurting a real hamster if they get a chance to play with one.

Step 2

Keep Zhu Zhu pets where they belong while you play. Put them on the floor or in their cars and other accessories. A pet can't get tangled in your child's hair if it is running around on the floor. If your child is snuggling her pet in the crook of her neck and its wheels are moving, you'll end up with a mess.

Step 3

Put your pets away. When your children finish playing with their Zhu Zhu pets, they should always put them away in a safe spot. To help them avoid tucking their pets into bed so they can sleep with them or doing something unsafe with their pets when they aren't being supervised, you might want to help your children make the pets their own little beds in shoe boxes or even set up an old hamster cage for them to spend the night in.

Step 4

Wash everyone's hands thoroughly. Children should always wash their hands after playing with a real hamster and should do the same with their new toy. Even if alimony levels are acceptable, there's no sense in getting any extra exposure, especially if avoiding exposure is as simple as washing children's hands after playing with their pets.
While Zhu Zhu pets might be unsafe to sleep with, most toys are unsafe if they aren't used properly. The manufacturer does have warnings about how to interact with the pets on its website and on the bottom of the pets and kids and parents should pay attention to the warnings. If you are unsure about how to play safely with these pets, just use the same precautions you would use when playing with a real hamster and you shouldn't have any problems.

Tips & Warnings