I remember the pride and joy I felt the first time I made a multi-level cake. What a masterpiece it was! I stood there in my kitchen for a few minutes admiring the work of art I'd created. However, my feeling of pride and self-fulfillment was soon turned into dread and despair when I realized that I had no idea how to transport my cake safely from my kitchen to the office where I worked which was over 20 miles away!

Whenever I think of moving a cake I always think of that episode of Cake Boss where Buddy's cousin Anthony and one of his other employees dropped a young girl's birthday cake down a flight stairs. How terrible! And then there's the Candyland cake. While Buddy was delivering this master showpiece, he hit a couple of nasty bumps in the road and the whole cake seemed to implode on itself. Oops!

Fortunately, with a little planning and preparation, you can prevent these disasters from happening to you! First of all, it may seem obvious, but be sure to construct your cake on a sturdy platform that can be moved easily. If your cake is heavy and will have multiple layers be sure to place it on a foam core or plywood base at least 1/2 inch thick.

Another important consideration that is often overlooked is the vehicle space needed to transport the cake safely. Transporting your cake in the trunk of a car really isn't a good idea unless the cake is boxed and the weather is cool. Even so, make sure the box is kept stable and not allowed to slide back and forth in the trunk!

Remember to account for height as well as width and length when measuring your vehicle space. If necessary, arrange for a larger vehicle and even better, a second person to ride along with your cake and keep it secure and stable while you drive. It can be dangerous trying to keep your eye on a cake and drive at the same time. You might also want to pack a small emergency kit containing a few different cake decorating tips and icing or fondant in case you need to make some touch-ups and repairs once you reach your destination. One of my favorite emergency tips is the 1M Wilton cake tip because you can do so many different things with it!

If you have a large cake with multiple tiers and layers, your best bet is to assemble the cake on site. A cake with pillars most definitely should be transported unassembled. Instead of assembling layer cakes on site, some cake decorators like to place a wooden dowel down through all layers to help hold the tiers in place during transport. However, don't forget to remove the dowel before someone cuts into the cake! If you have large or heavy embellishments that need to be placed on the cake, don't put them on until the cake has reached its final resting place. Otherwise, it could easily fall over during transport and crush other parts of your cake (this is what happened to the Cake Boss' Candyland cake).

When it's time to move your cake, find a sturdy box slightly larger than the cake board and taller than your cake. Put some clean dish towels in the bottom of the box and place the box in your vehicle. Make sure the box is resting on the floor of your car--NOT ON THE SEAT. Once you find a good location for the box, place the cake with cake board on top of the towels. Make sure the box is snug and level, with no room to slide. You may need to brace the box with other large and heavy items to keep it stable.

While driving, just take your time and you should be fine!

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