A treadmill is a fantastic piece of exercise equipment. Why go walking outside in the cold when you can walk a mile or two from the convenience of your home? Like any piece of exercise equipment, there are a few safety tips that you need to keep in mind when you are using a treadmill. If you are looking to purchase a new treadmill, take a look at stores like ProForm and Workout Warehouse.

Starting a Treadmill

Treadmills can cause injuries if you do not get on the treadmill correctly. When you are ready to start your workout, you should have each of your feet on the opposite sides of the rails. There is a deck that surrounds the belt on treadmills. Both of your feet should be on the deck. You never want to start a treadmill while you are standing on the belt itself. With your feet situated, start your treadmill and wait for the belt to begin to roll. You can then carefully place your feet on the belt, one foot at a time. Until you get your feet situated, you should keep hold of the rails. Once both of your feet are on the moving felt, feel free to increase the speed of your treadmill.


Every treadmill will have a red emergency stop button. Most treadmills will have a cord that is attached to the emergency stop button. The cord should have a velcro strap attached to it that is designed to go around your wrist. It is always a good idea to have that strap attached to your wrist while you are using your treadmill. If an emergency occurs and you need to get off of your treadmill, simply pull your wrist back to pull the cord off of the emergency stop button. Doing that will cause your treadmill to stop immediately. You should never jump back off of your treadmill in an emergency because you may injure yourself. If your treadmill does not have a cord, simply push the red emergency button to make the belt on your treadmill stop moving.

Never Watch Your Feet

For whatever reason, many people have the tendency to watch their feet while they are using a treadmill. That is the one of the worst things that you can do when you are using a treadmill. If you are looking at your feet while you are using a treadmill, you may lose your sense of your position on the treadmill. That could cause you to lose your balance and possibly fall. When you are using a treadmill, your eyes should always be forward or looking at the console of the treadmill. If you know that you have balance issues, you should always have your hands on the rails of your treadmill, as well.