Saving lettuce seeds will not only save you money, it will guarantee your supply of fresh lettuce from your garden for virtually forever.

Things You Will Need

Original letttuce seed or plants, a small container.

Step 1

Pick and grow a variety of lettuce that you like to eat. Nothing is worse than having to suffer through bad lettuce.

Step 2

Grow the lettuce to maturity. Its best not to harvest any leaves from plants you intend to save from.

Step 3

When the temperature starts rising in the summer, the lettuce will bolt. That means the lettuce will send a long stalk straight up. The stalk will develop small flower which will turn into wispy (dandelion like) translucent flowers. Then the flowers will dry up and turn brown or black.

Step 4

When the seeds are very dry, cut the umbrella like head off and crush each pod individually. Each will contain 5-10 seeds. Do your best to separate the seeds from the chafe.

Step 5

Store in a small somewhat air and water tight container. Place the container somewhere dark and cool.
By saving your seeds you are ensuring survival of the fittest when it comes to plants. Your new lettuce seeds are adapted to your conditions and to YOU.

Tips & Warnings

Watch closely for bug infestations. Bugs love to live in the lettuce flowers. Most of them are helpful but some can munch on your seeds.