Do you need to save money or do you want to save money? Hopefully everyone will get to a point in there life when they only want to save money. This means that they have plenty of money and that they are responsible spenders. In fact, that's why they have plenty of money because they are responsible spenders. You do the right thing and you will get back for it.

There is no secret to saving money. All you have to do is look at your spending. It's not like making money where you have to find someone who will pay you. You only have to keep the money you already have.

Let's go through a month to learn how to save money. You get your bills. You have to pay the mortgage. How can you save money here? You can pay more of the mortgage. Wait, how does spending more save money? Simple. You will pay off the mortgage faster and therefore spend less, a lot less, in interest. Ignore the tax savings. It's just dumb to think holding onto a mortgage for the sole reason of a tax deduction is true.

Next, look at your cell phone, internet, phone, cable, water, electricity, etc. Bring down your plans to the basic. You don't need 1,000 or 100 channels, you don't need super-demon fast internet, and you don't need 1,000 cell phone minutes and internet wherever you are, plain and simple. After that, call up your carriers, as long as you have been with them for at least a few years, and try to talk them down. Tell them you want to cancel and get a better rate. Look around the internet for the right way to do this so that you don't mess anything up.

Now let's look at your food. When you go to the grocery store, what do you buy? Stop buying brand name and trying to tell yourself it's better because it's rarely different let alone better. Stop buying the food that you find yourself throwing away in a week. Stop buying fresh broccoli if you end up throwing it away, go frozen. Stop buying junk food that is bad for you anyway. Start eating better and you'll also save more on doctor bills and medicine.

Speaking of food, how much do you spend on snacks, coffee, beverages, gum, etc.? Who cares how much, just stop buying it. If you must have coffee, make it at home, otherwise you can cut out everything else.

Just keep going through your expenses with this attitude and cut wherever possible. Not wherever you want, but wherever you possibly could. Cut out all the stuff and spending and actually sit back and enjoy life.