We could all use more money. The problem is that most of us only make a certain amount, and can be difficult to save a little each month for retirement, savings, college funds, or a vacation. Here are 5 ways to save a little cash each month while not having to work 100 hours a week.

1. Cut Costs

With the ease of monthly account billing such as Netflix, Audible.com, or magazine subscriptions, we all get caught in the trap of signing up for a service and hardly using it. Sit down and write out all of your monthly and yearly expenses, and go through them with a knife, cutting the unused ones from your list.

2. Eat in More Often

The restaurant business has grown substantially over the recent decade, and with food chains such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and Chipotle, it is easy to grab a meal and go. The only problem is that this adds up to a substantial amount at the end of the month. If you find yourself going out too often, try cutting it down to a few days a week, and bring your own coffee and lunch to work.

3. Find the Best Deals

We all love to take a vacation, but sometimes cannot afford one. Personal finance guru Clark Howard has the great suggestion of letting the deal take you on vacation. Get on the computer as a family and find the best deal. It is a great way to see the world on a budget.

4. Cut that Cell Phone Bill

With the new iPhone, many of us are forced to purchase a data plan along with our monthly minutes. This can add up to over 100 dollars a month. I am not going to suggest cutting the internet from your plan or giving up your iPhone, but I will suggest looking at your monthly usage. Do you use all 900 minutes a month? Can you cut that bill down? If you are using most of your minutes past 7pm, most cell phone companies offer a free minutes past 7pm instead of 9pm charge. You can sign up for 450 minutes a month and purchase the early minute plan.

5. Do you Need It?

Before making a purchase, ask yourself a simple question. "Do I really need this?" By asking ourselves this, we can step back from the purchase and really thing about the necessity of the item or service. Can we find something cheaper? Is this an emotional purchase? Dig deep and keep your money saving goal on your mind.

These 5 ways to save would seem like no brainers, but most of us are too busy or just don't pay attention. Try to make the money that you are making more powerful by using it wisely. Remember, somebody always has nicer things than we do, so don't try to keep up. Live your own life.