Cash is tight these days, as many of us have discovered the cruel way. With the market just hardly crawling out of its lowest level in almost 30 years, everybody is feeling the effects. It's no shock these days to notice even the once well of among us tightening their belts. Whether its spending smarter at the grocery store, or cutting out the luxuries we were in the past able to pay for, we all have to discovery a technique to save money.

What several people are not looking at however, is the truth that a couple small investments here and there can save you a lot of money in the long run. One such investment is a quality hair clipper or trimmer. We all ought to have a haircut every now and again, particularly with joblessness at a critically high point, not a whole lot of people can afford to go into that hard earned job interview looking like a caveman from one of those Geico commercials. Haircuts can be costly though, and having to use between $10 and $20 dollars every couple months to keep yourself appearing sharp for those job opportunities can be a real sucker on your savings.

By means of a good quality clipper set and a little training, you can dump your reliance for hairstylists behind and save yourself that pricey visit to the barber shop or salon. Now, you might think that hair clippers are costly, and the price doesn't give reason for the quarterly or so cost of having your hair trimmed professionally. While the top notch clipper sets that come with all the attachments and bells & whistles can cost you upwards of around $200, one could find a basic, yet equally viable hair clipper between $30 and $50.

As soon as you've found the one you adore, all it requires from there is a petite practice in trimming your own hair. If you aren't alone in your household, you and your roommate/girlfriend/wife can take turns cutting each others hair. It's simple once you get the hang of it!

There's a vast form of different hair clippers and trimmers out there to select from too! Companies like Andis, Oster, and Wahl (to name a few) produce top quality clippers for affordable prices. With these companies, even if you bought one of their $30 models, you'll get well more than what you paid for with it. Each manufacturer has a wide list of options to choose from with their units, making it calm to find the right one for you and your budget.

So halt visiting the hair salon/barber shop and spending your hard earned money on over priced haircuts. All you need is a good clipper and a pair of scissors and you can easily mark that expenditure off the budget, and use that money on stuff you really need. So do some shopping around, find one that can suit into your budget, and be on your way to saving at least a petite money in no time at all.