Money may be the root of all evil, but it is damn nice to have some. There is one secret that everyone who has money knows and everybody who does not have money seems to not. That secret is simple. It is how to save money. In this article I will show you five incredible tips everybody should know about saving money.

These tips on how to save money may be very simple, but they are essential. You'd be surprised, how quickly the savings add up to significant amounts.

Use your feet: People never want to walk anywhere. Short quarter-mile trip to the store will almost always be driven depreciating both automobile and using expensive gasoline. Why not try to walk to the store? Short walk to the store not only gain you exercise (potentially reducing health risks and associated costs) but it will also save you money.

Go green: Many people think green is a negative word. But it is not. A little efficiency and lighting electricity and water conservation can go a long way and save significant amounts of money. Simply use less electricity; turn off lights and the television when not in the room. Conserve water by using low flow shower heads, doing laundry in bulk amounts, and generally trying to decrease consumption.

Bag it up: Eating out is expensive. There is nothing wrong with going out to a family meal. But every day you go to work or school you do not need to eat out at lunch. Make lunch at home, bag it up, and bring it to school or work with you. You would be surprised at the significant amount of savings you accrue after a few weeks' time.

Save on the small things: you be surprised him small things add up. With using example of going to get a haircut. If you decrease the frequency and this from every week to every three weeks you will save approximately $300-$400 a year. Even slight decreases like this can have significant savings.

Entertain at home: dinner and a movie is expensive. Prices of movies these days are skyrocketed. Prices of dining out have done the same. A night out to dinner and a movie, for a couple, can cost well over $150. Having a romantic dinner at home, with the finest food possible, and then watching a video can save as much as $100 per evening out.