Whenever you want to book airline tickets for a dream vacation, last minute flight, family weekend getaway or any other kind of travel, it's always good to check what's on sale in order to save money on air fares. It would be better if you can research online for the best deals before you start to book your travel so that you can enjoy spending your money towards other things during your vacation.

Booking the cheapest flights is no longer difficult these days because there are a number of airline web sites that offer promotional codes and special deals in order for you to save money for air fares, rental car or hotel accommodation. All you have to do is have some time to research online to find the best deals.



things you'll need:

  • Travel fees
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Time to research
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      Look for package deals. A package deal could provide all-in-one for your airline tickets, hotel accommodation and a rental car for your vacation destination at a very low price. When travelers want to find discount vacation deals online including cheap vacation packages then this can usually be found in the bargain box or special deals section in the airline website. 

      Always compare package deal prices from different airline web sites so that you could get the lowest air fares. Signing up for mailing lists to airlines serving for your destination can save you money and time because they will send you their latest deals directly to your email address.

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      Become a member of an airline company's Frequent Flyer Program through any of your credit cards and you will be amazed how much money you can save on air fares when you travel. Some airline companies offer Frequent Flyer Programs and partnered with other airlines, hotels and car rental companies, which also offer big discounts, promos and rewards. 

      You must inform the agent you are booking that you are a member of a Frequent Flyer Program so that they will be informed about your membership and let you know if you're eligible for an upgrade, a reduced priced for your airline ticket or you could qualify for a free flight. Take note that some credit card companies offer miles to certain airlines so check this out with your credit card company first.

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      Fly during off-peak days. Travelers can cut air fare costs and save money by traveling off-peak days like Saturday and Tuesday up until Thursday. The demand of airline tickets tend to be lower during off-peak but during peak travel times, airlines may charge more. Travelers get cheaper air fares if they book 90 days or more in advance. Buying tickets in advance can also save a lot of money for any traveler.

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      Compare several smaller travel booking sites. Sometimes these small airline booking sites will just surprise travelers with the best deals and therefore save them a lot of money. Examples of these are Mobissimo.com, Bookingbuddy.com and Cheapflights.com. 

      Remember that there are many more small airline booking sites that you can find online and all you have to do is look for them and compare their prices. You can also read blogs and reviews by travelers who were able to save money on air fares for their constant airline travels.

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      Purchase your airline tickets online. A lot of airline companies will slash an additional 10 percent off ticket prices to customers who buy their airline tickets online. Make sure that your airline tickets are refundable, changeable and transferable prior making booking them. Read the airlines rules and restrictions before buying your airline tickets online.

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      Join affinity groups for example the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) or American Automobile Association (AAA) so that you can save money on air fares. Some airline companies will give travelers a big discount if they are a member of a certain organization. There are affinity groups that are partnered with restaurants, airlines, hotels, and a host of other companies that offer members discounts when they buy a certain product or pay for a particular service. 

      So whenever you want to book a flight, make sure to mention your membership to an agent your booking with so that you can avail of the discounts offered. If you're booking online, find the section where you specify that you're currently a member of AAA, AARP or any other affinity group that can avail the offered discounts.

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      Check the taxes and fees involved before booking your airline tickets. You can search for the customer support online to find answers to your questions. 

      You can also call customer support since most airline web sites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Another way is by sending them an email for your non-urgent questions. It's important to check taxes and fees, so that you'll know exactly what the total price for your air fares before booking your flights.

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      Book your airline tickets through a consolidator. An airline consolidator is a company that purchases airline seats in bulk from various airlines and resell them to customers at the cheapest prices. 

      They want their consolidated air fares to be substantially less than the lowest published air fares purchased directly from airlines. There are many airline consolidators online that has negotiated a lot of air fares with different airlines and all you have to do is research by typing "airline consolidators" in your Google, Bing or Yahoo browser and compare each of their web site's prices so that you can save money.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many airline companies offer travel packages when travelers buy their tickets directly from their site. Some offer additional discounts on rental cars and hotel rooms. 

    Some travelers like these package deals because they are usually cheaper compared to what travel agents offer for their air fares, rental cars and hotel rooms therefore these can save them money. There are ways on how to save money on air fares and all you have to do is research online, compare the prices and select the best deal.