Save Money on Holiday

These few simple tips will leave you with more money to splash out while you're relaxing at your destination, instead of spending all your hard earned cash just getting there in the first place.


Get the best available deals on travel money

This requires a little forethought – make sure you shop around for the best deals well before you set off. Never get your money changed at the airport – the exchange rates are almost always sky high there, and for good reason – they like to take advantage of people who have leave changing their currency to the last minute. Making sure you change your money beforehand could potentially save you hundreds.


Spend wisely

Taking money out from cash points at your destination will almost always incur a ridiculous fee. Typically, cash withdrawals will add anything up to 6% every time you use this service abroad. It might not sound a lot, but it all quickly adds up. Making sure you have enough pre-exchanged cash to cover what you expect to spend will help you save in the long run.


Get the Best Insurance Deal You Can

The best doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest. Shop around extensively for travel insurance, and find the one that most suits the type of holiday you intend on having. For a general break away from life’s daily stresses, the majority of travel insurers will offer a suitable policy for you. However, if you plan to participate in almost any sort of sport, such as skiing, do make sure you take out the right policy that covers these sorts of activities. And always remember to read the small print.


Get the Best Deals on Flights

Flying on a Tuesday is around 35% cheaper than if travelling on a Friday, so try to arrange your excursion with this in mind. Additionally, returning on a Sunday is about 45% more expensive, so if you can, fly home on the Saturday or the following Monday. Also, it isn't necessary to use the same airline for each trip – shopping around for individual flights can help save even more money. If using budget airlines, book two to three months in advance to make the greatest savings, but if you plan to go on a package holiday, the best deals can be found just before your planned vacation date. Also, don't forget to book your airport parking well in advance, because as with most things, airports are able to take advantage of people who leave things until the last minute.

Get the Best Deals on Hotels

Don't be fooled into thinking using hotel comparison websites will offer the best deals, as they are often owned by the same company, and like to make people assume they are in competition with each other. Do your own independent research in finding deals on hotels, and where possible, try to book a room in a hotel that offers free cancellation. Sometimes these things just can't be avoided, and the price of your hotel room can quickly add to the cost of a cancelled holiday. Doing this also allows you to check closer to the time and change your hotel if you find a better deal.

Get the Best Deals on Car Hire

It is all too often that an online car hire deal that looks cheap can double, or even triple in its stated price further down the line. Ultimately, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Carefully scrutinise any car hire company's terms and conditions for any clauses that could bump up the cost. Another suggestion is to take several high resolution photographs of the car, so if any disputes about the vehicle's condition arise when you return it, you have photographic evidence that shows it wasn't you that incurred any damage.

Get the Best Phone Deals

There have been several stories of people racking up massive phone bills simply for not tuning off the data roaming service. It's already well known that making calls and sending texts from abroad can be expensive, but mobile internet costs go through the roof when in another country. Check with your mobile service provider to see if they have any deals for foreign travel, and ask them to put a limit on your usage, just in case you do incur a higher than usual bill.


What if Something Goes Wrong?

Of course, cancellations may not always be your fault, but due to the travel companies themselves. You may be able to claim some sort of compensation if your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than three hours. Occasionally, airports will try to blame such events on bad weather (or even something more elaborate), but if this is obviously not the case – such as other flights clearly taking off – then you should raise this matter straight away to increase your likelihood of successfully claiming compensation.


Making sure you shop around and so some extensive independent research, as well as vigorously applying some common sense are simple things that can potentially save you hundreds when going on holiday.