If you are like me you love to shop at Target, not just because they have fun things, but because they have great deals. You may be wondering how do I get good deals at Target and save money? Here are some money-saving tips when shopping at Target.

Use coupons

This is the number one way to save a lot of money at Target. Not only does Target except manufacture coupons for everyday goods like grocery and beauty, but they have their own too! To find Target coupons go to Target’s webpage and scroll down to the bottom and click on coupons. Here you will find 100s of Target store coupons to use on everything from grocery to bed and bath products to clothing. Target often has coupons in the paper and every once in a while they send them out in the mail too. The best part about using coupons at Target is you can use a manufacture coupon and a Target coupon on a product. 

Shop weekly ad items

Target, like most stores has select items on sale each week. These items are often very good deals. Buying items when they are on sale can save you a lot of money in the long run. To maximize your savings, use coupons on these sale items to save even more. For example, sheets may be on sale one week, you can go to Target’s website to see if there is a coupon to save even more. 

Bring you own bag

Target will give you an extra 5 cents off when you bring your own reusable bag. Every bit helps right!

Sign up for a Target Red Card

The Target Red Card is a debit or credit card. Every time you use it at Target stores you will save 5 percent off of your entire purchase. Plus when you are a Target Red Card holder you will get free shipping on Target’s website. Who doesn't love free shipping!

Shop the end caps

Get in the habit of walking on the outer perimeter of the store, this is where most of the end caps are located. Target puts most of their clearance items on the end caps, so be on the lookout, you just may find a good deal!

Shop Holiday clearance

Shopping holiday clearance after each holiday can save you a lot of money on decorations and other holiday items for the next year. Holiday clearance items start out at around 30% off right after the holiday and can reach up to 90% off a week or two after the holiday. Last year after Christmas I got a box of ornaments for 30 cents! They use to be $6.00. 

Use Target Cartwheel

Cartwheel is Target’s social coupon program. You can sign into Cartwheel through Facebook or with a e-mail. You can find Cartwheel on Target’s website or download the app through Apple’s app store. Once you are logged into Cartwheel add the offers that you want. When you go to Target, show the cashier the barcode on your phone, or print the barcode out and have the cashier scan it. 

Hopefully you will now be on your way to saving extra money at Target. Just remember you can combine deals to maximize savings. For example you can use a Target coupon, manufacture coupon, Target Cartwheel deal, weekly add deal or clearance deal, and 5 cents off for bringing a bag all at once!