Saving Money With A Baby On The Way Is Possible

How to Save Money When There's a Baby on the WayCredit: Free Stock Photos


Why Saving Money With A Baby On The Way Is Important?

Saving money while preparing for a baby is difficult but not impossible. The reason you want to save money is for the unexpected expenses that arise when your baby comes.

When my son was born, there were so many expenses that I did not expect. Blankets, diapers, rags, clothing, wet wipes, toys, different furniture, etc.

There was so many things that happened right at birth and in the first 6 months that I could not have planned for.

How to Save Money?

There are many things you can do but these are the best ways that I have found to save money.

  • Register for Target, Baby's R Us, etc - People will buy you baby shower gifts like friends and family and they need to know where to shop. Make sure you register and list the things that you want. This will hep you save a lot of money and help your friends and family know what to get you.
  • Buy As Many Cheap Baby Rags - I completely underestimated how many of these things that I needed and how much money it could have saved me by not having to buy paper products. 
  • Don't Buy The Most Expensive Furniture - This may seem like a no brainer, but you will find that as soon as you start looking for furniture all sanity goes out the window. All you want to do is buy the biggest and best. The reason we feel this way is because we convince ourselves that since this is our first child and this event will never happen again, we need to buy the best. I am here to tell you that the most expensive is not the best. 
  • Use Ebay And Craigslist - The both of these sites are great places to find deals especially on clothes and furniture. I am going to suggest that you stick to clothes because the furniture is tough to judge online. At least it always has been for me. But you can find all kinds of deals on eBay and Craigslist. Sometimes you can find things for free on Craigslist. It is usually just people trying to get rid of their baby stuff because their children no longer need it and they are not planning of having any more. 
  • Buy At Discount Stores Like Chkd Or Veterans - Some people have a problem shopping at second-hand stores but there are some great deals to find and you can even pick up furniture and baby toys that are in great condition. The products you find at these stores are just pre owned and people have donated them for others to use.
  • Don't Buy A Lot Of Clothes - Buying lots of clothes only serves you for a short time. Make sure you get what you need and only need. To many clothes is a money pit because kids grow out of them so fast.
  • Let Your Parents Help - It may seem strange that I put this in the list but one of the things that my wife and I went through when we had our first child was whether or not to let our parents watch our son. It wasn't that we didn't trust them, it was just that we didn't want to let anyone look after our baby. Then, when he had to go to daycare, we had to find a baby sitter that our friends were using. I can say that are largest cost is daycare. If you have parents or grandparents around and they can watch your child for free, let them. They raised you or your parents so clearly they can do it. Trust me when I say you can save so much money if you just let some of your pride go and let them watch your baby. 

I hope this has helped. There are so many more stores that could be listed here but the truth is all you need to focus on is finding the deals. Don't fall into the trap of thinking everything you buy is the best and the most expensive.

If you follow that rule you will save bunches of money.