When you want to send money to your loved ones abroad, there are ways where you can really save. You need to check whether the international remittance services offer discount coupons or great deals particularly during the holidays so that you can save more for your transaction fees. People working abroad who want to provide financial help to their families make it easier and faster with the presence of well-established online services that allow international money transfer.

Sending money via the internet is really convenient with the help of reliable worldwide remittance service providers. The beneficiary or recipient will receive the money instantly based on the sender's instruction.

Many international money transfer services allow their customers to use debit or credit cards as well as checking or Paypal accounts to fund their transfer. Beneficiaries or recipients will just be informed through a call, text message or through email when the money is already deposited or available.

Most international money transfer services don't charge beneficiaries or recipients any delivery fee so make sure to check this out before sending your funds. Other worldwide remittance service providers will give free minutes of international call so that you can talk to your loved ones and this is their way of offering a reward to their valued customers for their recent money transfer transaction.



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      Go online and look for international remittance services that will be available to the country that you're currently living and the country where you want to send money to your beneficiary or recipient. There are many well-established and trusted money transfer service providers that you can choose online so be ready to bookmark these sites or jot them down on your note pad.

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      Get your list of the international remittance service providers and visit each site one by one everyday and compare their transfer fees and exchange rates for a few days before you decide to send money. If you're not in hurry to send funds to your beneficiary or recipient and particularly if you'll be sending a big amount then this method can really save you money.

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      Sign-up to become a member to some of the international money transfer service providers that you like since not all will give out their exchange rate information unless you're part of the group. You will save more if the money transfer service will offer a high exchange rate. 

      You'll need a calculator and a website that gives information about the current exchange rate where you can calculate the money that you are going to send from the country you're currently living and the out-country where you're going to send the money. The exchange rate will usually change everyday and each international remittance service can offer different rates so if you think that one was able to give the highest then that's the best money transfer that you can use for that particular day in order for you to save.

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      Look for international money transfer providers that offer a free fee service on your first transfer transaction. Because of the increasing number of remittance service providers worldwide, the competition is stiff and most of them want to offer their customers the best possible deals that they can to keep them coming back.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to send money in just a few minutes through pick-up, verify if they have many locations that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that it will not cause difficulty for your beneficiary or recipient to get the funds. 

    In case you choose home delivery, make sure that they have a reliable service for that by reading some comments by their previous customers.

  • Some people who reside or work abroad usually trust to send their hard earned money through banks. Aside from the safety and security that they get, banks generally offer very good exchange rates since they buy and sell large amount of currencies (usually in bulk) to different people, businesses and institutions in the local and international market. 

    By doing this, the banks could buy or sell foreign exchange products or services at very good rates everyday.

  • Banks also build relationships and by the time you remit through them, you can make this relationship stronger. Soon, you'll be able to avail yourself of their banking services like loans, deposits, and other financial services. 

    Sending your money through banks is a secure way and this option could be more helpful if the beneficiary or recipient has a bank account with an ATM card since it's convenient for the beneficiary to withdraw cash anytime. Although you can still send money through banks even if the recipient doesn't have an account.

  • There are fraudulent sites that are coming out in the worldwide web so read some trusted reviews about the international remittance services that you had enlisted to ensure safety and security when you'll decide to send money online. 

    You also need to see whether the money transfer service has a valid working safety or privacy seals like Thawte which offers secure communications by encrypting data to and from the site that you're using, VeriSign which secures your private information, BBB which stands for Better Business Bureau or TrustE which ensures privacy. 

    Authentic sites usually use trusted seals and SSL certificates on the world wide web. These things will help customers whether the sites that are on the web are being monitored, checked and verified especially with the company registration documents and the site's registered domain name. 

    It's important that you check first whether the money transfer service provider that you're using to remit your fund is authentic before entering any sensitive and personal information.

  • Inquire if the international remittance service will give you an option in sending money quickly and easily to any bank account in the country of destination. You need to ask whether the deposited funds shall be available in the right time that they had promised. 

    Some international money transfer services may only give false promises so you'll end up calling them many times because the funds did not arrive at the right time and you're recipient was not able to receive it.