Everybody loves going on holiday but sometimes the cost can be discouraging. Simple measures can make your dream holiday come true. Make sure that you plan well in advance and try as much as possible to stick to the budget. Be generous and make provisions for entertainment and surprise expenses to avoid upsetting the main budget. Food is the most expensive item while on holiday and yet it is necessary. A great way to cut down on this is by opting to cook your own food rather than eating out everyday.

Hotels are very expensive, especially during the tourism season, and one can eat out on special occasions only. Buy dry foods in advance so that the cost does not appear to be too much and also to cushion you against shortages and sudden price hikes. Buy fresh foods from the area you are visiting or on the road to avoid food poisoning or losses incurred if it goes bad.
Ask in advance if the refrigerator is working to help you plan. Instead of living in a hotel, go for a cottage or bungalow. These are great options as you will have more privacy, freedom and you can carry the whole family.

At the end of the day they are a whole lot cheaper than hotels. So as to enjoy the holiday, take a housekeeper with you to tidy up and cook while you are out exploring. You can take a family friend or neighbor who will not mind earning some money and seeing the world while they are at it. Do not waste money on hired transportation but drive yourself and your family. You can attach a small trailer for extra luggage as well as make use of the car carrier.

Most cottages and bungalows for hire have all the amenities needed in a home and all you have to carry is your personal items and food provisions. To make it even cheaper, share the bungalow with a family friend that you are comfortable with. It will be more fun for the kids and you can make great memories. When on holiday, use public transport instead of car hires and taxis. You will get to see more of the place and save tones of money that can be used for something else. You get to see places and cultures that you would have missed if you stuck to the designated routes.