A large grocery store chain that has become very popular over the years is Kroger. However, many people complain that Kroger is overpriced and choose not to shop there. If these same people simply applied a few simple tips to their grocery routine, they would see that Kroger can be a great way to save money. You just have to know a few simple tricks and take a little extra time to bring down your costs.


One of the easiest ways to save money at Kroger is to take advantage of their weekly sales. When not on sale, Kroger's prices can be quite high. However, if you can plan your weekly grocery trip around the items that are on sale, you will manage to save a considerable amount of money. Just make sure you have a Kroger card with you or you may miss out on some of these savings. There are many items that will only ring up as the sale price if you have a Kroger card, so it is in your best interest to sign up. Don't worry though, it is absolutely free.

Double and Triple Coupons

Many Kroger stores also offer to double and triple coupons up to a certain amount. This means that if you have a $.35 coupon for a product that costs $1.15 on sale, you will only be paying $.10 for that item if your coupon is tripled. That is a huge savings. Do this with several items every week and you will quickly chip away at your grocery bill. Check your local Kroger store to find out if your store offers these coupon bonuses and if so, how many of the same coupon they will double in the same transaction.


If you have already signed up for a Kroger card, you have an additional way to save money at Kroger with e-Coupons. These coupons are electronically loaded onto your Kroger card from sites like Cellfire, Shortcuts and Kroger.com and are automatically deducted from your total when your Kroger card is swiped. If you give the cashier your Kroger card at the beginning of the transaction, you can typically use these e-Coupons with a manufacturer coupon on the same product. So if you load a $1 coupon for laundry detergent onto your card and have a $.50 off paper coupon for that same product, you could potentially save $2 on that product if your store doubles. Pair this with a sale and you have a great deal.

Store Coupons

Don't forget to keep an eye out for coupons that Kroger puts out in booklets or in the mail. These coupons will state that they are Kroger coupons and not manufacturer coupons and because of this, can be used with a manufacturer coupon on the same product. Keep in mind though, that while manufacturer coupons will double, store coupons will not. But being able to use two coupons on one product, can still mean great deals.

Private Labels

If you are needing to purchase an item that is not on sale and you do not have a coupon, take a look at Kroger's private label products. You can save as much as 30% over the name brand product with that simple switch. As far as taste is concerned, you are not likely to notice enough of a difference that you will be willing to pay more for name brand. So why not give it a shot and try the store brand. You can always switch back if you do not like it.

So if you have a Kroger in your area, be sure to use these techniques to cut down the cost of your grocery bill. Even just using one of these ideas will save you money, but using all of them could potentially save you hundreds of dollars a month. So next time you head out to Kroger, look over the sales ad, clip and load some coupons and try a few store brands. You will be surprised how much these small changes can make in your bottom line.