How to save money is an important part of our lifestyle these days because of the rising living costs. We all need to take a hard look at our own situations and see where we can save that extra money. Rent and housing loans are the most expensive, a close second is the cost of our weekly shopping, and yes I know we all have to eat.

How to save money by living rent free is so easy. I will also show the people with mortgages how they can save money later in this article.

Travelers can also enjoy life and live free at the same time. Here are a few ways to live rent free and see your own country at the same time:

House sitting

This is a great way to enjoy and see a new part of the country or travel all over the world. All you need is a laptop with an internet connection so you can apply for advertised positions online. First you will need to register with many of the house sitting sites on the internet. To find them online, simply type in house sitting and register with one or two of these companies.

Once you have registered and paid their fees (these may vary) you need to work out when you are available and start applying by email to your prospective employer. This is people wishing to go away themselves and wanting someone to take care of their home while away. It may be for a couple of weeks or for several months, each job will be different.

In most cases this will require you to keep the gardens watered and feeding and exercising any animals. The duties will vary from job to job. In some cases you will have to pay for utility expenses and phone use.

When this is done you are free to check out the area and see what makes the town tick. What a great way to see travel with no expensive accommodation to pay. A word of caution: make sure you have it in writing exactly what the duties and costs this position involves in writing with both parties signing and having a copy each.

Live rent free on a farm This could also involve in one or both parties working on the farm. Although is that bad when you have free accommodation. Again the duties may vary, the wife may be employed to look after the children while the husband may need to help with the stock or help out in the sheering shed.


Loan Repayments

Managing/caretaking positions

Motel relief work - Managements often supply a unit in return for relief management. This may also involve cleaning units.

Caravan Parks- This may involve cleaning the ablution blocks, helping with the cleaning of onsite vans and cabins or helping out in the office.

Apartment block managers- This is another way to live rent free in an apartment, in return for collecting the rents from other tenants. You would also have to show apartments to new tenants and clean apartments. It may have a downside you are not free to come and go as you wish, although it still gives you free accommodation. If you are a couple one could continue working and the other could still take on a part time job and do this as an extra income.

Home sharing with a pensioner

If you are a single person you may like to share a house with a pensioner in return for helping out around the home especially if they have a disability. The housekeeping duties could involve cooking or doing the shopping. Or you may not have any duties at all which will allow you to work and share the everyday household expenses with a room to yourself for free.

Self storage companies

Many of these have a house on the property and need someone to run the business. This means live free rent in return for looking after the office and seeing to the clients. One of the partners could run the office while the other one works at their normal job. Again you have free rent and accommodation.

There is of course another option -Move back in with Mum

This could save you not only accommodation but maybe get your laundry and cooking and ironing done as well. If you are married this may still work and help with your financial difficulties. It may be a way for both of you to put in a real big effort and save up the deposit for your own home. Make sure that you make a real big effort by putting all the money you have saved from living in a unit of your own into a home savings account bank account.

Home owners with a mortgage

With the increases in interest on home loans many people are finding it almost impossible to pay the repayments on their loans.

There may be ways to help out with the repayments. It will all depend on the rules and regulations in your country or shire.

Rent out a room in your home

You could rent out one of your rooms to a person. You would need to decide if it was a room only or whether you included board in the agreement. And perhaps charge extra to do their washing.

Rent out storage in your garage or loft or spare room

You would be surprised at the high costs of storage. Many people would welcome the chance to store their beloved furniture and personal things in a safe protected garage without the exorbitant charges of the storage businesses. Not only will this help to pay your mortgage it will save you from the chance of collecting all that unwanted stuff which we all tend to accumulate in an empty garage. Oh boy I can relate to that.

A word of caution: make sure that the people have their possessions insured. You will need to see and keep a copy of the insurance policy. Things can go wrong and thieves do not miss an opportunity of taking things that are not theirs. So make sure you have all bases covered.
Instead of paying loan repayments monthly try to pay them weekly or fortnightly this reduces the interest far quicker and when interest not so high and you can afford it pay a bit extra, this is even better than super as you will save much more and no one can take the money you save away from you. As it has reduced your loan.

In conclusion
The object to living rent free is so you can save the money you would have paid out in rent to be the deposit for the loan on your home. The more you save the less you will need to borrow and this also reduces the amount of interest you will have to pay to the loan companies.

This should give you the incentive to save those extra dollars no matter what your circumstances are. Be sure to take up the challenge and start banking your savings into your new home loan savings account.       

If you really have to outlay money for rent then you need to find more ways to   beat    your opposition on finding the right rental for you.