Homemade Soap

The basic ingredients for making your own laundry soap is...Bar soap like ivory or any other brand you like. Your also going to need some washing soda it's commonly sold by Arm& Hammer, and you'll need some borax.

These components are very inexpensive to purchase, and you can find them in the laundry soap aisle of nearly all stores. If you watch the sales flyers you'll be able to pick up these ingredients at even a lower cost.

Now it's time to make the laundry detergent using the above noted ingredients. 1st you need to grate up the bar soap and put the grated soap into a pan of 4 cups of hot water that you have on the stove to dissolve into the water. When the soap gratings and hot water are well combined and dissolved add 1 cup of the washing soda and 1/2 cup of the borax to this mixture and stir well until it is all dissolved and limp free.

Now, add this mixture into 3 more gallons of hot water in a heat resistance container and thoroughly mix until they're all dissolved and mixed together. Let it rest overnight to get thicker [ if it doesn't thicken very much it still work], and then pour this mixture into some containers like old laundry detergent containers.

Use 1 cup of your home made liquid laundry soap per load, just as you normally do with a store bought detergent. This recipe will make enough soap to do about 52 loads of laundry, while costing you only about three cents per load! You will not find any store bought soap this cheap! If you are looking for a way to save tons of money I would urge you to try making your own laundry detergent.

How to Save Even More Money!

 Dry Clothes Outside>>>> Do your laundry with cold water and don't do part loads. If you must wash a smaller load, use less water land soap.

>>>> Put your clothes outside to dry. You can put up your own clothes line if you have room or just use a folding drying rack. I sometimes just use hangers and set them on the shower curtain rod.

>>>> Don't use commercial dryer sheets. Just add 1/4 cup vinegar to the rinse cycle in place of fabric softener. Don't worry the smell disappears during the drying process.

>>>> If you're using your dryer...Clean out the lint trap frequently. I clean mine with each load of washing I dry. If you happen to forget and do 2 loads of clothes you'll find that it takes longer to dry...So clean the lint filter at least every load.

>>>> Keep track of how long it takes for your dryer to dry a load of clothes, than set the timer for that time. The dryer uses 240 volts and uses a lot of power so if you can cut some time off the drying cycle you can save money to.