In an ever growing industry, it is no surprise that Excel Dryers Inc.'s coveted Xlerator Hand Dryer is quickly emerging as the gold standard for hand dryer production for a variety of reasons. Where viable, eco-friendly, and cost effective solutions have become greatly sought after as alternatives to traditional paper towels and inferior electronic hand dryers, purchasing a Xlerator Hand Dryer has been done by those who hope to do just that: save money, while also doing their part to significantly help reduce the carbon footprint left by humans through excessive waste production and pollution.

If you have yet to purchase a hand dryer, whether it be produced by Excel Dryers, Inc. or another company, great reviews can be found in my signature link to the right of this article. Whether you own a restaurant, a sports complex, or some other commercial or industrial facility that attracts a wealth of people, there is no better time than now to begin familiarizing yourself with the Xlerator Hand Dryer, it's functionality, and the numerous benefits that your facility can obtain from the installation of one of these systems.

Things You Will Need

  • a Xlerator Hand Dryer
  • a Computer (to Access Excel Inc.'s Website and

Step 1

If you are on the fence with regards to purchasing a hand dryer, it is important that you familiarize yourself completely with the many benefits that your facility can incur by using one. Unfortunately, while similar hand dryers, by their very nature and design, will inherently reduce the negative impacts of paper towel usage on the environment, a substantial amount of research has proven that no other hand dryer can even compete with the energy savings (and money savings) of the Xlerator Hand Dryer.

For further research, and specific case studies, you can visit Excel Dryer's website. As with all companies, though, they clearly want to sell a product and will justifiably present it in the best manner possible. For an even greater indicator of the benefits that everyday consumers have gained from replacing their paper towel dispensers with an Xlerator hand dryer, I would highly recommend that you visit's website for their plethora of highly reliable customer reviews. While all the research imaginable could be presented in order to make a very compelling case for purchase of this product, oftentimes, the most compelling case will be made when you read the subjective experiences of others and how much they have benefited and saved from it.

Step 2

If you have yet to purchase a Xlerator Hand Dryer, it doesn't make incredible sense to immediately dispose of your towel dispenser machine. When you do purchase one, however, you will want to immediately get rid of any alternative solutions that you used. Really, with regards to extensive research, when this hand dryer's effeciency, and cost savings, is compared to other products on the market, this product reigns supreme. In accordance with Excel Dryer Inc.'s official website, not only will this product offer tremendous speed by affording hand dryers with a 10-15 second maximum drying time, but it also uses significantly less energy (80%) to operate than other conventional dryers.

For you, whether you are the owner of a recognized sports complex, a five-star restaurant, or a hotel facility, this means that you will get quite a big "bang for your buck" with regards to your initial investment.

Step 3

In this step, you will want to fully understand the very minimal maintenance and upkeep of Xlerator Hand Dryers and how they compare to their inferior counterparts, as well as, a variety of archaic paper towel dispensers. Beyond the initial effort required to install, with these hand dryers, there is absolutely no need to hire workers to empty waste baskets or inconvenience visitors with loose paper towels that haphazardly find themselves sprawled out all over the floor (instead of in the waste basket). Having very minimal maintenance requirements will also directly relate to tremendous cost savings that is only amplified over time. Factoring in the cost of labor, paper towels, and waste baskets, it is clear how much you can really save juse by using a Xlerator Hand Dryer.

Step 4

Embrace new technology. While some may be very resistant to change, this hand dryer has become a "gold standard" because it has come to embrace a more effective and efficient way to both save money, while also being environmentally conscious. As a result of implementing new technology, akin to the toothpaste machine taking over the father's job in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", you will have to be prepared for the reality of possibly cutting jobs. Instead of having an extra employee on the payroll, just to empty waste baskets as they become full of paper towels, this need and requirement will no longer exist with these hand dryers. In a business sense, this possibility should be understood and embraced.

Beyond the benefits to using this particular hand dryer, that I have mentioned in this Info Barrel article, the Xlerator Hand Dryer also lends itself completely to a much greater hand drying experience from both an aesthetic point of view, as well as, a hygenic point view. Besides successfully complementing the decor of bathroom facilities (unlike waste baskets, which oftentimes have loose paper towels all over the ground as a result of a customer missing the basket), research has also proven that blowing hot air onto the hands has been shown to significantly decrease hand surface bacteria. As the hot air reaches far into the confines and crevices of a person's hands, the bacteria that remains after soap washing is immediately killed. For those who are both hygenically conscious, as well as, environmental conscious, the Xlerator Hand Dryer is the perfect solution that will also substantially decrease your own costs and promote superior savings.

Tips & Warnings

As mentioned previously in this Info Barrel article, you will certainly have to prepare yourself for potentially laying off employees (i.e. "cutting costs") because of the numerous benefits that will be incurred from using this cutting edge technology. There is a reason why many professional sports facilities, among other highly human trafficked areas have already implemented this technology. The cost savings, in both the long term and short term, will be tremendous and will certainly impact your business' bottom line quite substantially.