We all need to learn how to save money by using things we have for planting your garden without risking the quality of the vegetable or flowers that we grow. Paying exorbitant prices for pots will destroy your planned budget. Therefore I hope to give you a few ideas on how to make use of what you have around your home without buying exotic planting pots and gardening options.

You will be surprised at how your creativity can excel with a little imagination and ingenuity on your part with a little help from this article.

Old laundry troughs


The old cement laundry trough makes a great garden pot. You can plant virtually anything in this from herbs, vegetables or even flowers. I am using mine at the moment after shifting homes to put my garlic, onions and a couple of silver beet in. You can be creative and decorate these by gluing a few tiles on them to.

To create good drainage you could put a few rocks in the bottom and even tilt it a little so the water will drain naturally out through the plug hole.

Old work boots

These make a great planter feature. You could use this to grow your herbs or a small tropical plant. The more the sole is worn the better the drainage will be. Never throw them away even if the stitching is broken. These can be painted in different colors with or without the laces left in.


Wheel barrows

Wheelbarrows have been featured in gardens for centuries. Many of these are used in front gardens as a floral display of petunias or flowers of your choice. Again these can be painted to suit your particular garden.

The old beer fridge

So the old beer fridge has died then do not drag it off to the tip. Instead take the door off, if this is flat then you can make yourself another table out of it by using an old table that the top looks worn or if you are a handy person you can build a frame from either steel or wood to fit this door onto. Paint it in your favorite color and you have a new solid table.

Now you need to remove all the trays and unscrew all the bits and pieces from inside the fridge. These trays can be used to fence of a section of your garden. Again these can be painted to go with the decor of your garden. Be careful as the fridge will still have gas inside the pipes. Move this to the required position, put a few drainage holes in the base add a few rocks to help with drainage then add your potting mix and fertilizer.

Now plant your new vegetable garden. This would be a great one to plant the root vegetables as it is deeper than some of the others and you do not want to waste the depth or potting mix on surface plants. Vegetables like potatoes, carrots, parsnips, swedes or even radishes will love this.

Old plastic containers

You can use any old plastic containers for planters. You will need to wash them out thoroughly then wash again with bleach to kill any chemicals. Carefully cut off the top with a sharp knife or a grinder. Put a few holes in the bottom and then add your potting mix. These are great for small shrubs, single tomato plants, dwarf fruit trees or anything that does not have large root growth.

Cooking pots and pans

Do not throw out the old pots and pans that have worn a hole in their base. They also make great planter pots (although you could also sell them for scrap metal, but that's another story). It will depend on the size of the pots as to what you can grow in these. They can also be used for a great feature. The one in the picture has been handed down through the family and is looking rather sorry for itself now with most of the base missing. The plant is still growing though.

Make the most of whatever kinds of things you use, try to dress them up and decorate them as feature planters or useful growing pots to spread about in your wonderful vegetable and flowering gardens.

If you use anything lying around your home you will save you money instead of outlaying your hard earned dollars to grow your plants in your garden. Plus by growing your own vegetables you will be healthier knowing they are home grown and chemically free. You cannot beat eating fresh vegetables, salads and herbs grown from your own garden.