A Helpful Budget Guide for Your Disney Vacation

Taking a trip to Disney is something that most people plan to do at least once in their lives.  It doesn't matter if you have children or decide to do an adults only trip-there is fun to be had at Disney!  That being said, it is VERY easy to end up dropping way too much money on a trip to Disney.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you save quite a bit on your next magical vacation!

Disney VacationCredit: Vacation Photograph

Check out Credit Card Bonuses for your hotel

One of the biggest hits when doing a Disney trip is your hotel.  Unless you plan on staying at a value resort, you can expect to be shelling out big bucks to have an enjoyable stay.  Well, there is a special trick to get around that.  Credit Card Sign up bonuses.  Many hotel branded credit cards offer a bonus for signing up for their credit card and spending a certain amount of money with it.  For example, you could take your family to Disney World using the SPG Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card because of the sign-up bonus points.  All you need to do is shift your daily spend (groceries, entertainment, etc.) to your new credit card.  There are many options out there for various hotel brands located near both Disney World and Disneyland.

Free Flights!

Just like the hotel branded credit cards, there are Airline branded credit cards.  One of my favorites is the Southwest branded card which often gives you 50,000 points for meeting the spending requirements.  This is enough for 2 roundtrip tickets!  Again, just shift your daily spending to the card and you are not needing to spend any extra money than you already do to earn your free airfare.

Buy Souvenirs Ahead of Time

One of the biggest ways to add unexpected costs to your Disney Trip is those trips to the gift shop.  Both kids and adults love to pick up a mickey shirt, cute stuffed animal, or light up toy on their trip.  Of course, these are all priced at incredible inflated prices.  It may take a bit of pre-planning, but head to your local Target, Dollar Store, or Wal-Mart and pick up some fun Disney goodies that you can surprise your kids with on the trip.

Pack a bag lunch

Did you know that Disney lets you bring in your own food?  Now don't go packing your big tailgating cooler, as that won't be allowed in, but Disney will allow you to carry in snacks and non-alcoholic drinks!   

Discounted Tickets

Unless you purchased a discounted package from Disney, it is not the cheapest option to buy your park tickets directly through them.  The most reputable way to buy discounted park tickets is through Undercover Tourist.  You are able to get an extra discount by signing up for the Mousesavers newsletter and clicking on the Undercover Tourist link inside the email.  The discount may not be as substantial as the other discounts in this article, but every bit helps!

Disney may have a stigma for an expensive travel destination, but it is easy to make it an affordable vacation!  Use the tips above and your magical Disney vacation will quickly become a family friendly budget trip!