Saving money on products for American Girl Dolls is easy.

Any parent that I have ever spoken to about American Girl dolls has only one complaint. "They're so expensive!"

The dolls are great quality and when paired with their terrific historical books, are great teaching tools. American Girl provides parents with a way to teach social ethics and history all in one great doll and her book.

The down side is the expense. Many parents are concerned with giving their daughter a doll priced at $100 or more. Furthermore, once a parent has taken the plunge and invested the money, their next remark is always, "Now what?"

So many parents have told me that they have purchased the pricey doll and then noticed that their daughter didn't play with it. Sure they brushed the doll's hair and took the doll along to grandma's house but aside from holding the doll, they didn't do much else.

That's because a doll by itself is not a real toy.

Your daughter needs some accessories to keep her and her doll busy. Yes, that means more money!

But there are many ways to get high quality items at low prices, items perfectly sized for American Girl dolls.

The most common shopping place for off brand clothing is eBay. Sure, everyone loves eBay and there is a great selection of choices. Unfortunately, the vast variety of options is overwhelming and many items are unsafe or illegal knock offs.

Home crafted items do not always pass the latest in safety standards, even if all their raw materials are purchased in the US. Many times, the tiny buttons, zippers and even printed materials purchased at fabric anc craft stores contain high levels of lead and heavy metals as well as unsafe phthalates that are outlawed by the US.

Illegal knock offs are those items that look just like American Girl brand products but don't have the packages or the tags. Illegal! Stay away from those! If the seller doesn't have enough of a conscience to not break the law and take advantage of some one else's hard work and developed brand, they don't care about the safety of your child or the working conditions of the factories that they were manufactured in. is a great source for products sized for American Girl or other 18 inch dolls. Because of the selling requirements enforced by Amazon, most sellers are reputable manufacturers. However, I have found the prices to be a bit high probably because of the higher selling fees charged by Amazon. The cost of doing business is always passed on to the customer.

My favorite option for affordable clothing, furniture and accessories for my daughters is My 18 Inch Doll. Their website, by the same name (with a dot com) has a plethora of affordable options. It has become my one stop shop for all things dolly.  Stylish clothes made of high quality materials at affordable prices always ship free. Their furniture is beautiful heirloom quality and always safety tested. Their accessories like play food and dishes will provide hours and hours of playtime. Fast shipping and top notch customer service makes them a winner every time!

Once you have gathered a few affordable accessories, playtime will be priceless!

Think of what your daughter can imagine with a few outfits, a doll bed, table and chairs and tea set! They can play all day and all night with just those few things and moms and dads can rest assured that their investment will be well used and last for years.