A great way to cut costs when you are designing your new home or remodeling an existing home is to look at carpets. Some of the expenses that you have to spend money on you really can't get away from in remodeling and it is a great skill if you can figure out how you can save in certain areas. One of these savings areas you can save in can be provided to you with the help from carpet manufactures and carpet stores. Most people do not realize that they can save in this area and that they just need to understand how the system works and ask local dealers and they can really save when it comes to flooring. The number one thing that is important is the fact that you need to ask and see what is out there in your area. Communication is key and you need to do research and take your time before you just run out an buy.

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Well now the question is how do you save money from carpet manufactures and or distributors. One of the best ways is if you go when you see they are having a clearance sale. Now you are not going to benefit directly from the clearance sale but you can benefit from the large mass amounts of people that are going to buy and install carpet. Here is the idea. People go into carpet stores and get carpet installed. Most places charge people more square footage than they need just to make sure that they do not run out. The installers than go and do the install and keep any of the pieces that are left and bring them back to the carpet distributor to be sold again. Yes this is a way to jack up prices on people but what end up happening is that stores are still left with odd sizes that will only fit really small areas like a living room or one bedroom. If you buy carpet remnants from these places they will gladly sell you the left over pieces for a fair price since they technically already sold the carpet you are buying. Another great thing that most places sell is discount carpet squares for people redoing garages, basements or even dens. These squares are always at a cheaper price and you can really save when it comes to buying remnants. This is a great way to get certain rooms done for reasonably cheap. Instead of paying $3,000 for new carpet you can end up paying $1,000. You just have to talk to your local flooring store and see if they will be willing to work with you. Be aware that they will try to sell you new carpet for MSRP and you need to be ready to just say no its not in your budget and you need look around for deals and for a place that will work with you. If you do that than more than likely they will work with you and help you out. This will help you save money and get what you need.