Do you want to know how to save money on groceries?  If you are tired of cutting coupons for groceries, and you want to eat for FREE, there is a way to do this.  Americans throw away 30 to 50% of food each year, and grocery stores are part of the problem.  All that food that has a “sell by” date is thrown out at the end of the night, and usually it’s still perfectly good to eat.  If this surprises you, and horrifies you that people are starving all over the world and here at home, while we allow half of all our food to be thrown away, send a message.  If you want to learn how to save money on groceries and eat for free, read on!

How to save money on groceries and eat for free(54603)Credit: meddygarnet @ a like-minded friend to help you.  If you have a friend who is always clipping coupons for groceries, and is always looking for how to save money on groceries, do some research online with them about “freeganism” and invite them along.  They can be a food saver too, and enjoy saving money on groceries.  Plus it will be helpful to have someone there to help pull you out of the dumpster.

Plan a time and location.  Unlike simply clipping coupons for groceries, you need to carefully plan your dumpster diving trip.  Plan to go late at night (after 10:30) or early morning (5:30).  Usually grocery stores throw away food when they are closing, so late at night is best.  Additionally, there will be fewer passersby during these times, which will make your trip easier.  You’ll probably also want to choose a grocery store that is not located too close to home or work.

How to save money on groceries and eat for free(54604)Credit: goldenEel @ your alibi.  Although what you’re doing is legal, if someone asks you what you’re doing you might not want to explain to them the ethics of freeganism and explain that you’ve quit clipping coupons for groceries and you’ve learned a new way of how to save money on groceries.  If someone asks you what you are doing, you could tell them you are looking for boxes.  That usually satisfies their curiosity and they’ll move on.

Pack supplies.  Bring a flashlight and canvas bags.

How to Save Money on Groceries and Eat for FreeCredit: debaird @ a good parking spot.  Just like when you buy your groceries, the less walking distance you have back to the car with your bags, the better.

Choose only what you think you need.  You want to leave food for other freegans.  Select foods that are packaged so they are sanitary.  Avoid fruit and veggies that have been sliced and shrink wrapped, because they usually spoil by the end of the day.  As you search for food, you may be surprised at the selection.  And that’s how to save money on groceries without even clipping coupons for groceries.  Good luck!

It is not illegal to go dumpster diving because trash is considered public domain.  However, by law you do have to honor “no trespassing” signs, and you can not break someone’s lock on a dumpster.  So if the first dumpster you come to has these, move on to a different grocery store.

Some grocery stores destroy their food by compacting it, or pouring dye or bleach over it.  Avoid these, obviously.

Leave the area BETTER than how you found it.  That is, don’t throw anything out of the dumpster as you’re foraging.  Otherwise the grocery store may take steps to keep you out next time.