Find Cheap Magic Kingdom Tickets

Check the Walt Disney World website.

Before buying any Magic Kingdom tickets, be sure to look at the Disney website. Occasionally Walt Disney World will give you free Magic Kingdom tickets for visiting at certain times of the year. It is important to check this out before purchasing Magic Kingdom tickets because they are non refundable. So even if you see an incredible deal on Disney theme park tickets, you would just end up having extra tickets. The only way you could salvage this after buying them is getting the non-expiration option added to your theme park tickets. This will make it where the ones that you have purchased will not expire and you can use them for your next Disney World vacation. Also, if you have a large group going check with Disney before you purchase anything. Walt Disney World will also sometimes cut breaks for large groups of people coming.

Buy an annual pass.

A Disney annual pass is a great way to save a lot of money when visiting the WDW Resort. This is because you pay one flat rate fee, and then are allowed to come into the Disney theme parks as much as you desire. It is an incredible deal for families that are coming back on a regular basis. If you live in Florida, they also offer Florida residence discount on top of the amount that you will be paying. Annual passes are more than just Magic Kingdom tickets; they allow you to go anywhere, even the water parks. Some annual passes are good for Disneyquest and other attractions on property as well. While these will be more expensive, these Disney passes can really pay for themselves if the users are planning on visiting the Disney frequently. Also, be aware that Orlando has many different theme parks in the area. It can sometimes be confusing about which ones are Disney theme parks and which are not. That way you will not waste your money if you plan seeing more of Universal Studios then Walt Disney World.

Buying more than one day at a time.

To save money on Magic Kingdom tickets it is better to buy in bulk. While the price difference in a 3-day and a 4-day park hopper pass is large amount, the price of a 9-day and a 10-day park hopper is not. This is what way that Disney tries to get a little bit more money from you when visiting Orlando. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. For just a few extra dollars you could get extra days added to your Disney passes. Even if you do not want to use all of your Magic Kingdom tickets during one trip, you can also put the non-expiration option on these tickets as well. When you come back to WDW Resort you will save a good amount of money on your Magic Kingdom tickets because had gotten them at such a good rate in the past. Also, Disney usually increases the price of their tickets over the years. So if you have gotten your Disney passes a long time ago you could be saving even more money.