If there's anything worse than illness or disease, it's the hit your wallet takes when paying for the health care related to your ailment. With rising doctor, hospital, clinic, treatment, recovery and prescription drug costs, it's no wonder so many people find themselves in the poorhouse while they simply try to survive.

Did you know that some prescription drugs cost upwards of $50 per pill? That's a lot of money, especially if you take one or more per day. That can easy add up into the thousands of dollars per month! And that's assuming you're only taking that one prescription drug.

Granted, not every prescription medication costs that much, but the point is that even the cheaper can put a pretty hefty ding in your checkbook.

While I don't have a magic wand that will make your illness or condition go away (I wish I did!), I do know how to save money on prescription drugs that I hope will work in your circumstance.

Things You Will Need

Prescriptions for Generic Medications (not brand names).

A discount pharmacy, such as those found at department stores.

Step 1

Ask your doctor if a generic prescription drug is available. Like anything else, most of what we pay for in prescription drugs is the brand name. By simply choosing generics, it's not uncommon to save more than 50 percent of the original price - and you'll get the same medicine, just without the fancy name pressed into the pills. Like the food industry, many generic medicines are produced on the same assembly lines as the name brands, which means they are literally identical in chemical make up and effectiveness.

Step 2

Fill your prescription at a discount pharmacy rather than a hospital or clinic. I've found that my local Wal-Mart charges much less for the exact same pills as the in-house pharmacy at the doctor's clinic I go to. Sometimes the savings is upwards of $50 for basic antibiotics. I mention Wal-Mart only because I personally know it saves money, but I've heard equally great things about other places such as Rite Aid and ShopKo.
If you've been wondering how to save money on prescription drugs, then these two tips could be your golden ticket. They work, I know from experience.

Tips & Warnings

Keep in mind that this article is based on my own personal experience, and while I'm confident they'll work for almost any person, your results may vary.

And always ask your doctor what's right for you. Perhaps there aren't any generic prescription drugs available for your condition, or in his/her professional experience, a brand name would work better. Remember, your doctor knows much more than I do, and sometimes it's worth spending the extra money to ensure your health and safety. That said, it never hurts to ask your doctor how to save money on prescription drugs any time they send you to the pharmacy.