You can save money on printing

There are many ways where you can easily save money on printing and you can even teach it to your children so that they can also learn how to do it especially if they have something to submit for their school projects. This article will show you the easy and effective ways on how to save money when you start to print anything at home or in your work place.

Things You Will Need

Printer, ink cartridges, photo or quality printable paper

Step 1

Perform a spelling and grammar check through the "Tools Menu" so that you can immediately correct any mistakes that you may have, especially when you'll decide to print many copies. It's advisable to check it twice so that you won't be wasting a lot of ink. Printed pages that have plenty of errors in spelling and grammar or a poorly designed picture will just end in trash.

Step 2

Use the "Print Preview" so that you'll be able to view how your entire document will look on the whole page prior printing it. Just choose and click on "File > Print Preview" then press "Esc" in order to return to the normal view.

You can also see what the whole page of your document will look like in printed form while you're typing if you use "Microsoft Word" through the page layout. Simply go to "View > Page Layout". You can also choose your desired page range, for example, pages 4 to 6) in the print dialog box.

So instead of printing from 1 up to 6, your printer will just print from 4 up to 6. You can save lots of paper and ink on pages you don't really need by simply accessing the "Print Preview" feature from the "File menu".

Do not print any unwanted ads, pictures or other images when printing web pages or emails online. Simply look for the "Printable Version" link so that you can save money on your ink.

If you decide to print the texts only, directly go to "Tools > Internet Options > Advanced" and uncheck the "Print background colors and images." You can also choose the PDF output for documents and print them just like any other standard document but always try to preview them first.

Step 3

Be familiar with the "Properties" button. Select the right print quality mode by setting it through draft, normal or best. You also need to choose if you want to print it with color or black and white. Your printer has various settings that use various amounts of ink so you need to check this out too.

If you'll only print a how-to guide such as a birthday party or recipe for one occasion only then you could set your printer through the "Draft Mode" where it will not print a very high quality output. Simply go to "Print > Properties >" and choose draft quality then you're ready to print. Generally, the draft mode has a faster speed too and can save a lot of your ink cartridges.

Print only with color if necessary since a colored ink usually costs more money than the black ink. Black and white printing is also referred to as Grayscale, Monochrome or Economy mode based on your printer.

If you don't need bright hues for your printing, you can economize your color ink by changing it to monochrome if you start to print. You can just g
o directly to "File > Print" then click "Properties" and select the "Color" tab. Check "Print in Monochrome" and click "OK".

Step 4

se quality pieces of printable paper as well as ink as much as possible that have been created and recommended by manufacturing companies that made your printer to give the best results. Avoid using a generic cartridge or refill device inks that could only create blots and spots with your work.

Take care of your printer's delicate parts. An output with smudge could only waste your money because you may reprint it again and it might clog your printer's sensitive components and structure.

Step 5

Print at least once a week in order for the print heads to clean and clear any ink build-up. You may have observed
that even if you seldom print, the ink in your printer could run low.

In this case, your printer could be performing maintenance as set by the manufacturer automatically in order to clean its print heads. These are the little nozzles that distribute the ink in your printer.

So try to print regularly and turn your printer off from the "On" or "Off" button if you do long periods between prints. Avoid turning it off from the power source because your printer needs to reset prior it totally shutting down.

In this way, the print heads are activated when you start inserting the ink cartridges into your printer. By following all of these steps when you're printing at home or in your work place, you can easily save money.
Choose a quality printer so that you will have durable print nozzles that will easily clog when the device is not being used for a long period of time. Select good inkjet print cartridges and avoid those re-manufactured refilled brands because you may be able to print more pages than those cheap refill inks.

Tips & Warnings

Try to purchase inks in a combo packs which includes the black and white as well as color cartridges for your printer. If you buy them online, choose the best deals where they are conveniently packed into one package plus free shipping.

Look for economical packs that have ink cartridges and photo paper with a photo editing software for free if you are looking to print photos at home.

Verify the price of the printer's ink cartridges and photo paper when you plan to buy a printer for your computer. You may be able to get an affordable printer but you could also spend more money in the long run because the ink cartridges and photo paper are expensive.