A tuxedo is considered one of the most formal outfits a man can wear. Often reserved for big occasions such as weddings, formal dances, and very formal dinner parties, the tuxedo is often rented as the cost of buying one is not worth it for the average person. However, even a rental can be a big expense for one night of use. The following on some great tips on how to save money on tuxedo rental costs.


If possible you will want to rent multiple tuxedos at once. For example in a wedding party you might be required to have a certain tux, renting with the others in the wedding party may result in a bulk rate discount or special pricing for the wedding. 


If you aren’t renting a tuxedo with a group of groomsman or other individuals and instead just need one tuxedo you can save money by choosing a simple and basic design. For example, choosing a single breasted style instead of double breasted will save money on many brands. And speaking of brands, you can save even more byu choosing the store label brand or a lesser known brand instead of the designer brands. 


Another tip to save money on tux rentals is to eliminate accessories you don’t need or won’t wear. For example vests, ties, and cummerbunds are extras that might add a nice look but aren’t often fully visible and won’t be missed if you choose not to rent them. Of course if they are included in the price don’t refuse them. But if they cost extra consider if you actually need these items.


Also tuxedo rental stores are very much into up selling and add-ons. While shoes are usually included with tuxedos some places charge extra. If you have shiny dress shows already and the tux shoes are not included in the price, save money by using your on shoes. Other accessories that aren’t often included but the store will try to rent or sell you include cufflinks, pocket handkerchiefs, socks, flasks, suspenders, and hats. You may already have these items and if not you can often find them cheaper outside of rental stores. 


FInally you will want to carefully read the return policy and the damages policy. Most tuxedo rentals are due back the day after the event. Failure to return the tuxedo and all included rental accessories could result in late charges or even having to pay for the cost of any missing items. Also take care not to tear, damage, or spill anything on the rental. Doing so may cause the store to charge you extra fees to cover the repair/cleaning costs. And don’t lost any part of the tuxedo or you may find yourself paying for the entire cost of the tuxedo. 


You can look great in a tuxedo even on a budget if you follow these tips and tricks.