Black Friday ads and money saving deals are already splashing across the t.v., newspapers and online markets. Electronics, laptops, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii -- everybody wants nice gifts and the latest gadgets. With so many families struggling to stay afloat, Christmas and other gift-giving winter holidays may seem like the last thing on your list, but Black Friday deals can help you save money.

Things You Will Need

computer/internet access
newspaper ad/coupons

Step 1

Shop early. Start taking advantage of the coupons, discounts and deals that are already being advertised. Every company wants you to spend your money with them. Instead of waiting until Black Friday start shopping now.

Tag team shop with a friend. If you aren't a great shopper and can't stand the crowds and getting trampled split up the Black Friday list with a friend. Even if you are shopping online you can shop with friends and other family members to save money on shipping costs. Also, a lot of stores have deals if you spend over a certain amount of money then you get a percentage off. Group shopping not only saves on shipping costs, but is environmentally friendly.

Step 2

Use layaway. Find out what companies use layaway and take advantage of it. Sears and other Sears websites like Craftsman and Kmart offer a layaway program. There are several websites that let you take advantage of this great money saving payment program. You can get a Black Friday deal, put $15 down, and pay it off by Christmas.

Step 3

Shop online. Amazon is a great place to shop and has amazing holiday deals already beating out the competition. The online equivalent of Black Friday is Cyber Monday where the online stores have their sales, but there are already great money saving specials being offered online. Take advantage of price wars. Before checking out do a search for the company name and "coupons" to see if there are extra savings. Many times you can find free shipping.

Step 4

Comparison shop. Don't take a business at their word. If they say they have the lowest prices then make sure it's true. Shop at companies that offer low price guarantees and price matching. Go online to read a companies price match plan so you know the ins and outs of it. The more information you have the easier it is to save money.

Step 5

Think practical and buy within your means. Sometimes people are tempted to spend money to over compensate for financial problems. A lot of times this can be about keeping up appearances so the kids don't know something has changed. If you are someone who has taken a financial hit this year it is a great opportunity to reclaim the meaning of the holiday season for your family. Array

Tips & Warnings

If your budget allows for it use Black Friday deals to buy necessities and gifts for the upcoming year.