The mundane use of paper towels being used to dry off one's hands is beginning to slowly become phased out everywhere from corporate offices to sports arenas and restaurants for a variety of reasons. With the ever increasing emphasis on taking the necessary steps to safeguard our fragile environment, and decrease our carbon footprint, finding ways to save money on hand dryers for your bathroom is a viable alternative to producing a plethora of paper trash. More oftentimes than not, even in the presence of a waste basket, used paper towels frequently find their way onto the floor which creates an additional need for others to pick up the trash of others.

Now is the perfect time to consider purchasing a hand dryer and installing it into your bathroom. Not only will your family and friends delight in the decline of necessary effort required, especially with a motion sensing operating hand dryer, but they'll also notice the decrease in clutter and trash that only seems to needlessly occupy otherwise open spaces. Your personal finances may even realize less of a strain when paper towels no longer have to be purchased. You can't get much better than that.

Things You Will Need

  • a Home Hand Dryer

Step 1

In this first step, you should realize that, if you have hopes of purchasing a hand dryer for your home, you definitely do not need to purchase an industrial strength hand dryer. These hand dryers can be found in offices and restaurants, and oftentimes are accompanied by hefty price tags. For their frequency of use amongst thousands of potential customers, industrial hand dryers certainly have their place, however, you may not need this type of hand dryer unless you have plans to entertain alot of people quite frequently.

Step 2

As is expected when we make a change from one accepted technology, to another emerging technology, there will be an associated initial investment required. Sure, for the amount you will ultimately pay for a hand dryer, you could arguably purchase many rolls of paper towels. In order to convince one to purchase and use a hand dryer, however, it is important for you to understand the associated return on investment. No matter how much a new technology can ultimately help the environment, it is completely expected for you to wonder "What's in it for me?" from a monetary investment standpoint.

Even for industrial strength hand dryers, which can easily cost several thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars, detailed calculations indicate that you can begin saving money in less than a month's time. The reason I say this is because, with a cheaper commercial hand dryer, your investment would be returned much more quickly, for your needs and purposes.

Step 3

For your needs, once you have decided whether to purchase an industrial hand dryer or one that is more for commercial use, looking online is a great place to start to get a feel for what companies have to offer. As with any product, you will encounter a variety of hand dryer products that each have their own unique features and appeal. Whether you decide you need an industrial strength hand dryer or a more commercial strength, saving money is a great reality but one must always consider the initial investment as well.

Step 4

Whether you purchase your hand dryer online or at a local store, these hand dryers are specifically made so that the benefit you incur will be well worth the money invested. If at all possible, you can also have your new hand washer shipped to you with low shipping costs.

Step 5

Actually installing your new hand dryer may or may not be a difficult task for you. It very well may be too difficult for you to lift and manage on your own. In this case, there is no shame in seeking out help from a family member, friend, or neighbor. Most hand dryers are relatively easy to install, just so long as you read and follow the instructions in the packaging. Hopefully you have the intention of your hand dryer being a permanent fixture in your bathroom, so, for this reason, you should test it's functionality before you do anything (like bolting it to the wall) that will make it difficult to fix (if needed) once it's secure.

Step 6

Adapting to a new element of functionality and technology may not be an easy transition for those in your family who may have become conditioned to expect and accustomed to relying on paper towel use over the years. While 'easier', your family may miss using paper towels. With this in mind, it is important that you remove any trace of paper towels from your bathroom and encourage your family to use the hand dryer instead. Reminder signs can be posted, in order to get your family and friends to use the hand dryer, as well.

Step 7

Because of the money you save, you may even want to consider purchasing a hand dryer for other rooms in your house, as well. Don't discount this thought because your savings could become exponentially greater, especially with a system that requires little to no upkeep or maintenance.
A significant amount of compelling reasons can be given for why one should consider purchasing a hand dryer, as opposed to resorting to the tradition of using paper towels to dry one's hands. For starters, while many may not realize it immediately, switching from using paper towels to a hand dryer can incur significant benefits to the environment. Collectively known as "paper pollution", all the effects from paper towel production and usage can be essentially aggregated under that term.

Wood pulp is used to make paper towels. Unfortunately, wood pulp itself contains environmentally unfriendly compounds, such as chlorine and sulfur, that contribute significantly to water pollution. One ton of paper really doesn't take that long to consume, and, with that in mind, we are cutting down at least 17 trees for every single ton of paper we produce and use. With the critical role that trees play in helping to maintain our eco-system, this is definitely not a good thing and yet another compelling reason for you to consider using a hand dryer in your own home.

Tips & Warnings

If at all possible, when searching online, you should try to look for motion sensing touchless hand dryer systems. Not only will they add substantially to the look and decor of your bathroom, but they will also provide a hands free system, that requires little to no maintenance, with little investment involved.