Although there are a ton of mobile phone companies out there who offer free phones to customers who sign up for their services, cell phone plans still remain quite expensive. If you are part of the ever-growing low income crowd, you are probably having a tough time paying all of your bills...and guess which will likely be one of the first to go...yup, your cell phone! There is good news! First of all, you are not alone and you don't need to be embarassed about having little or no income. This economy is rough! People are losing jobs and looking for breaks all over the place. Although I cannot help you with that, I can give you the information you need in order to keep your cell phone so you won't be stranded in case of an emergency!

Things You Will Need

Permanant address

Proof of eligibility/income

Computer or phone to sign up

Step 1

Safelink Wireless is the original provider of truly free cell phone service. With Safelink there are three plans to choose from and the service and phone are completely free! All you need to do is provide proof of income and an address. When you stop this plan, you may keep the cell phone! This plan allocates a certain number of minutes to your phone every single month and you never have to pay a dime for anything. The nice thing about this is that if you run out of minutes, you can always buy a tracphone card and add more. It's so simple that anybody could do it.

Step 2

Assurance Wireless is another cell phone provider which offers completely free cell phones and plans. This is a Virgin company which was recently bought by Sprint. This plan seems to offer more minutes each month (200 versus 68) than Safelink, however, Safelink does offer some options with more minutes and texting prices. To qualify, you need the same things as explained above for Safelink Wireless.

Step 3

Cricket is a huge provider of unlimited cell phone plans and now, they are getting in on the cell phone plan discounts as well! While a Cricket cell phone plan is not free, they have begun a pilot program in a few states where they are crediting accounts which qualify as low income either $12 or $13 off of their phone bills. Hey, every little bit helps! You will find this financial burden lifted once you receive your free phone and plan! Good luck and congratulations on this great deal!

Tips & Warnings

Make sure to keep your cell phone turned on at the beginning of each month because this is when your free minutes will be added to your phone. If your cell phone is off, you will have to add the minutes manually.