Don't you want to save more money each month? Saving more money is an important part of building a healthy financial life. We often think of "saving" as money we didn't spend on something. While that is one definition, I think it's more important to focus on the definition that says savings is money set aside in a separate place to be used for a specific purpose at a later date. This "piggy bank" definition is what I'm going to talk about today.

We all could use at least a little bit more money set aside for the future. A healthy savings account will be there for you when you experience an emergency, when you want to take a trip, when you want to help your kids with education costs, and when you want to retire. A good savings account is a great way to avoid debt too. If you have the money to spend on your needs, you won't need debt to finance things.

So what's keeping so many people from being able to save more money each month? Well, I think it's a few things. And if you spend some time eliminating these excuses, you'll be in better shape to really save more money.

Not Having Savings Goals

If you don't have a plan for saved money, then what's the use of storing it up? You're just hoarding for no good reason at that point. Develop a set of savings goals that are attainable and real. Good examples include: an emergency fund, house down payment, vacation fund, tax payment savings, and college savings. All those are great goals. So set some goals for yourself and you'll be on your way to saving more.

Too Many Unnecessary Expenses

One of the biggest barriers to saving money is too much money going out of the budget. When you spend too much, there is no room left to save. Be honest about your budget and look at what you spend. Are you spending on wants vs needs? Are those wants more important than having savings? If so, okay. Cool. But if you decide they aren't, then cancel the expense. In addition to canceling expenses, look for ways to spend less on the things you do want and need. Start using coupons, take advantage of used items, or look for free services you can use instead.

Not Having a Separate Account

Another barrier to saving money is not creating a separate place to stash your savings. It's crucial that your spending account and savings account be separate. Preferably at different banks. That way, it will take at least three days to transfer the funds between accounts. Making you more prone to leaving it alone. And having it at a separate place will instill a sense of pride as you see the balance grow to it's intended target. I highly recommend you check out the high-yield savings accounts as a place to start saving.

No Automatic Savings

One final thing preventing you from being able to save more money is the lack of automatic savings. It's hard to remember to save each month and manually move the money over into another account. It's also hard to keep from spending a big surplus you see in your checking account at the end of the month. We're all human and have desires. Take the pressure off and have the funds automatically transferred from your paycheck to your separate account. Or at least have an automatic transfer established for a day or two after your paycheck arrives in your spending account.

So those are my four suggestions. What do you think? Do you have anymore to add? Good luck in your saving.