Gas prices

Better Fuel Economy Tips

If you're not enjoying the savings with one of the plethora of new electric vehicles on the road, you're certainly not alone, to put it mildly.  With today's exorbitant gas prices, anyone still operating a gasoline powered vehicle can greatly reduce their frustration at the pump, with simple adjustments to their driving habits. In addition to saving gas and ultimately more money, one also benefits the environment by simply driving more efficiently.  Here are 6 effortless ways to save more money on fuel and improve gas mileage.

1. Reduce the load

The more weight you're carrying, the more fuel it'll take to propel and operate the vehicle.  I had a female friend with a trunk full of shoes and clothes, which drove me nuts cause she would constantly complain about her gas mileage.  Among the mobile closet she was lugging around, she also kept tons of half empty water bottles strewn about in her car.  She also had three tire irons to boot! By sheer visual examination, she was guilty of carrying too much weight in her car, unnecessary weight, in my opinion.

Personally, I remove as much weight as I can from my car.  The only thing I carry are essentials; one water bottle max, spare tire, hand-full of change.  Everything else such as paperwork would be a negligible difference in weight.  So, if you're carrying around half of your worldly possessions, it's time to unload.  I go as far as to fill the tank only half way, less weight than a full tank.  Get creative with it, it's actually quite a fun activity.

2. Tire Pressure Affects Gas Mileage

Not having properly inflated tires make a huge difference in maintaining good gas mileage.  Additionally, it's down right dangerous not to have all four tires equally and properly inflated.  I've seen many tire blowouts in my day, all due to under inflated or over inflated tires.  Think about it, let's imagine hypothetically that two of your tires are under-inflated, the car wouldn't roll well, would it? 

This forces the engine to work just a bit harder for every inch it moves. Over inflation would give the best gas mileage, but would also be dangerous cause your tires would have less grip, especially at highways speeds.  So, you 're going to want to shoot for the middle of properly inflated. 

PSI per tire will obviously differ from vehicle to vehicle, also tire type. The proper psi should be on the wall of your tires, and most vehicles should have recommended psi inside, behind your gas lid.  You can buy a tire gauge at any auto parts store or gas station, they usually go for about a dollar, or spring for a more reliable digital tire pressure gauge. I check my tires weekly, and before long road trips.

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3. Most Efficient Speed for MPG

Unless you're driving someone to the emergency room, or you're in fact Batman, there's no logical reason to speed.  Not only are you putting you and your passengers in peril, but everyone else on the road.  Driving at 65, which is the general freeway speed limit doesn't make you a dork, nowadays it's proactively saving money. 

For every 5 mph you increase your speed, the more gas you'll be guzzling to keep up your vehicles momentum. I will be the first to admit, for most individuals, maintaining a consistent speed is hardly effortless.  I understand, I use to be a habitual speeder for many varied reasons.  But for the last five years, I haven't had one speeding ticket, zero accidents, saved a ton of money on insurance, gas, court fees.  In essence, speeding less saves you money, exponentially.

4. Oil Change Affects Gas Mileage

Don't be cheap or lazy, get your oil changed when it's time to do so. Your oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Driving around with over used filthy oil will not only hamper your fuel economy, but is entirely detrimental to your car's engine, transmission, etc. 

Also, check your air filters. You really don't have to be a mechanic's nephew to clean or change your own air filter.  It's one of the easiest components to find and remove.  An unclean air filter will decrease your car's performance and harm gas mileage.

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5. Air Conditioning Affects Gas Mileage

If you're not on the freeway, it's more fuel efficient to just roll down your windows.  Your AC can reduce your fuel efficiency up to a whopping 20%.  However, if you are on the freeway, going freeway speeds it then becomes more efficient to have the windows rolled up, with the AC on. 

If you're a person who just can't part with their AC, just try not to put it on blast.  Also, if it's a warm day and your car's been parked and heating up, it's better to air the heat out before turning on the AC.

6. Drive Less to Save On Gas

There's nothing better than abstaining from being a driver to save money on costly gasoline. In this modern age, many people are using public transportation if it's in reasonable convenience to save on transportation.  Sign up for a carpool for commuting to work, carpools in the past have always saved me tons of money and time(carpool lanes). 

Not only will you save 100% on gas, but you also improve your health walking and spare the environment of any additional pollutants. I hope this helps others in saving more fuel and money, and additionally driving less will help you save money on car insurance . Let's all drive more carefully out there!