College requires you to not only do a lot of work, but to turn all that work in on paper. By the end of the school year you could have a 5 pound stack of papers from one class alone. Let⠀ ™s not forget all the handouts your professors can and probably will hand out. Thought college is a necessity in life, there⠀ ™s no reason not to be environmentally conscious while getting your degree.

It's time for colleges and universities across the nation to go green!

Things You Will Need


Internet submission form for college papers

Step 1

Ask your professors if they mind if you print double-sided to save paper on college assignments.

Step 2

If they say they would prefer you not do so, point out the environmentally friendly aspect of it. This is especially helpful if you live on a campus that is attempting to be more 'green'.

Step 3

Equally, suggest that your professor print any handouts double-sided to save paper.

Step 4

Most schools have a program for internet submissions from students to teachers. Suggest that smaller, daily or weekly assignments be submitting in electronic form, while only large term papers be submitted on paper.

Step 5

Recycle paper when you are done with it! If you aren't one to save your school papers after you get a grade, don't just throw it in the trash bin, use a special paper and cardboard only recycling bin. If you're college does not have these easily accessible, consider suggesting it to your RA or even the dean.

Step 6

Know any off campus (or on campus) students with small pets? They may want your papers so they can use it for pet bedding. This is far more environmentally friendly than either throwing the paper away or using cedar chips for bedding.

Step 7

If you can't sell back used books to your college or online, look into donating them to either the school or local library. Never throw them away unless they are dirty. Someone may check them out instead of buying a newly printed version from the school.

Tips & Warnings

Don't stop being eco-friendly at just paper, think of others way to go green on campus.