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We all have heard the expression from someone else and even ourselves of, "I do not have the time and day." There are preventive measures we can take to save time because time is often wasted. Here are a few helpful suggestions to help you save time.

time fliesHow often do you find yourself looking for a remote for the television or you can not find your favorite pair of shoes when you want to go out? Things like this happen everyday either at home or in the workplace. Start giving things a permanent place so you know where to find it. Have a shoe bin in the front hall, or put the remote on the table next to you. Keep your keys on a hook before you walk out the door or your wallet always in your top dresser drawer. Find designated places to place certain objects so you can save time and not waste it.

time fliesCheck your e-mail and facebook only three or four times a day so you don't interrupt what you are doing around the house, work or time spent with family. Think how much time you can save by doing so.

time fliesWrite down things you need to do so you don't forget. Use a small notebook which you can pull out and jot something down. This includes appointment dates, lists, peoples phone numbers, etc. Have it all handy in one little notebook or organizer instead of having scattered papers. This will save time from searching everywhere on your desk.

time fliesSet up your banking account online to automatically pay your bills. This will save time sorting through them and now you can have automatic payments and trust your bills are getting paid on time.

time fliesLooking for clothes can be a hassle. So it is time to organize your closet. Color coordinate and separate (ha that rhymes) by shirts, pants, shorts, etc. You will easily be able to locate what you are looking for instead of flipping through countless hangers.

color closet

time fliesHave a visible calendar at home and at your work place. Write down all activities, events, appointments, birthdays, etc.

time fliesWhen you decide to cook, cook for more than just one meal. Especially if you are cooking for yourself, you can save time the next day by not having to prepare a meal because you have left overs from the night before.

So there is a few helpful things that should get you a few minutes back of your life. Saving time like this will all add up. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours, and hours into days!