Netflix is not just a great way to save money on your favorite movies, but it can also be a great way to make money as well. In the past few years Netflix has really begun to take off. Once they were added to Microsoft's Xbox, they started getting more and more attention until they were a household name.

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Saving money with Nexflix.

To completely take advantage of Netflix you will want to have a high speed internet connection at your home. With Netflix, not only can you receive movies from your mailbox but you can also stream them straight to your television. The better the internet connection, the fewer amounts of times your movie will have to buffer. By paying a monthly subscription you can take part in everything Netflix has to offer. Different subscriptions will cost different amounts of money. They all come with instant streaming movies but some Netflix subscriptions will allow you to have multiple movies out at one time. The more movies you choose to have at a time, the more it will cost a month. So if you do not see yourself making too many trips to the mailbox you should look at getting the cheapest Netflix subscription. This way you will still get all of the instant streaming movies for the same price. Going to a local video rental store can really begin to add up, making Netflix the cheaper alternative. Even if you are just watching a few movies a month you can still be coming out ahead. Netflix usually offers a free month for any new users. That in itself is a great savings.

Making money with Netflix.

While saving money is great, making money is better. The last few years Netflix has been climbing in the stock market. If an investor would have caught wind of this a few years ago they could have made a fortune. But even now, there are still opportunities in the stock market with Netflix. Money can be made by simply buying and selling the stock or through stock options. Even if you do not think Netflix will continue to climb, you can buy stock options and make money if it declines. With stock options, you can make money no matter what direction the stock moves, as long as it is quickly. Stock options will eventually expire over time. If you own the right stock option when a stock sharply falls or climbs, the return can be incredible. This can be accomplished with Netflix as well. Since no one knows for certain where Netflix will be in the next few years, a great deal of money can be made if the stock jumps. Currently, Netflix does not have a lot of competition that will take away many of their subscribers. But if a new company emerges it could really damage their balance sheet. Since the majority of their revenue comes from their subscribers, losing too many could result in less profits each quarter. While something else might not affect Netflix instantly, it could over time. While that is a possibility, it is not the only potential outcome. There is also a chance that they could continue to think of new and innovative ways to enhance the movie watching experience. It is important to keep watching this company so you can make a profit on each move they make.