Getting married is a time for celebration and to start your new life with your partner, it's also a time in your life where quite a bit of money needs to be spent to create the exact dream wedding you always envisoned.

Weddings can be very expensive and more many in today's economy, it just isn't in their budget but they still want to create a beautiful day just for them on what funds they do have.

All inclusive destination weddings may be just what you need to still have a great wedding on a budget. To begin planning your special day, you need to make of list of everything you would like for your day and a list of what you absolutely have to have that day.

Certainly there will be things you may not be able to swing financially for your wedding, so make sure you're planning it realistically and with a little bit of research you can find some great deals.

When you plan a traditional wedding you have to purchase most of the services and décor seperatley, the dress, the cake, the food and flowers it really can go on and on with what can be spent on a one day show.

When you elect to purchase one of the all inclusive destination weddings, you are getting more of those services included in one price as opposed to buying them all separately.

Some features of a basic one of the all inclusive weddings are your very own personal wedding consultant, marriage officant and of course, the marriage license!

Considering this is a destination wedding, you get to select one of the many besuatiful beaches or towns that you would like to married in and then you stay there for your honeymoon as well.

Many sites for the all inclusive weddings are in gorgeous palces such as Jamica and the Bahamas. The resort you choose will provide you on your wedding day with some flowers, a wedding cake and wine for your party.

Many packages have much more exclusive features, but you would certainly have to make your budget stretch to accommodate those. Keep in mind not all of these packages include airfare, so check over the details of the one you like and factor those costs in as well.

While the inclusive packages can be a lifesaver for many couples the one downfall it has it that it doesn't allow for your whole family and all you friends to join in on your celebration like a traditional wedding can.

Many couples have a few people come along to the desitnation celebration, but it's most commonly used for couples on a budget or those that have no interest in a big wedding.

Fees for these wedding packages are in the thousands, but that is typically the going rate for a one week stay with your hotel accommodations included.

To get your honeymoon resort, hotel stay and wedding all included in one package makes it affordable to get married and it definetly saves you hours of planning over a traditional one, plus you get to stay in a fantastic resort!