How to save on gas, or stop wasting gasoline, even when gas prices are reasonable. One of the biggest stipulations of the green movement is conserving fuel, which includes saving on gas for cars. But what to do if you own an SUV, or a non-electric car like the rest of us? Luckily, there still are some ways to go about Saving on Gas, even with a fuel heavy car.

Things You Will Need

a vehicle

a desire to save money on gas

Step 1

Avoid going over the speed limit. Going over the speed limit can increase resistance, and going just 65 mph cause you to lose 21% more fuel economy than going 55 mph, and inhibit your ability to Save on Gas.

Step 2

Think for the weather. When it's warm outside, replace snow tires with regular tires - they take some of your fuel economy, making it harder to Save on Gas bills.

Step 3

Avoid excessive idling to Save on Gas. Yes, a warmed up car feels better in the mornings in the winter. But idling for one minute wastes the equivalent gasoline of one car start, so cut down on your idling time while being gas conscious.

Step 4

Change your route to larger stretches of open road, rather than tight turns. Less stops and starts means wasting less gasoline, and Saving on Gas.

Step 5

Drive on empty. Don't fill you tank over the click mark, as gas can slosh and be wasted. Don't fill up your tank as soon as you see a quarter gone. A full tank of gas is heavy; you can Save more Gas more when driving on an empty tank.

Step 6

Don't carry heavy items when trying to Save on Gas. Carry heavy, bulky items only when necessary, and remove them from your car as soon as you can. More in your car means the less fuel mileage you'll get.

Step 7

Choose the more expensive gasoline. Even though it seems like all types of gas are made equal, they're not. Certain gasses, such as Shell gasoline, are more expensive, but provide better fuel economy to help you to Save on Gas.

Step 8

Exchange your gas guzzler for smaller, or newer car, even if it's not a fuel saving hybrid. Everyone knows at this point that smaller cars waste less gas, and are cheaper in the long run. The cash for clunkers program may be over with, but you can still invest in the environment and your fuel mileage on your own, to Save on Gasoline in your vehicle.

Saving money on gas, even when gas prices are reasonable is easy if you have the desire to do so, and the ability to plan your route accordingly to save gas. These are only a few ways to save gas, see how many ways you and your family can think of to save gas in these changing times of fuel economy.

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