Halloween is coming up, and horror is in the air. Many hardcore Halloween fans would like to decorate their homes with spooky things, but sometimes it is just too expensive to go out and buy ready made Halloween decorations. Instead, it might be easier to make some from scratch. Not the creative type? Well here are some suggestions for you that will help keep decorating your house on Halloween a lot easier during the Halloween season.

Signs and Posters

If you have kids and really want to get into some arts and crafts, signs and posters can be really fun to work on as a family, and very simple things to do together. If you look online, there are many printable Halloween decorations that you can find. Since kids love coloring, or you even might, this is a great opportunity to showcase your coloring skills! Print out a couple of print outs, cut them out, and color them. You don't have to make them look professional, but with a little hard work, they will look great. Also, making some from scratch is a great craft project. If you get some orange and black construction paper, you can trace pumpkins, witches, ghosts, goblins, and black cats that make for great decorations. Construction paper is always an easy crafty way to make fun Halloween decorations.

Yard Decorations

If you are really looking to dec-out your yard this year with spooky decorations but hate the cost, a great way to make a spooky yard is to find materials you already have in your home that you can make into some really neat decorations. I will name just a few ideas that can make your yard into a spooky scene on Halloween.

1. A Creepy Graveyard:

All you need for this is a little plywood, (or even cardboard if it is not rainy), and some paint. Cut the wood to your liking in shape. Then paint on the name of the deceased and the dates. You can also make it look really cool by dripping red paint down the side to add a look of blood on the grave. After this, dig a trench big enough to stand it up in your yard, or you can even use another piece of wood to lean the grave against. After that, find some neat things that can come "creeping out of your grave". Something I find to be great to use is a garden hoe. It kind of looks like a boney hand, and you can place it in front of the grave to make it look like a skeleton is coming from the grave.

ghost (28196)

2: A scary Ghost

This is a simple and easy decoration that requires few supplies. All you really need is some string, a bed sheet, and a magic marker. Hang your bedsheet in a tree by tying it to a branch to your liking. Then, draw a spooky face on the ghost with magic marker.

3: A Scary Guest

If you have some clothes that you don't mind leaving outside for a few days, this will work perfectly. Old, tattered clothes are usually the best. Place a chair outside of your front porch. Then stuff the clothes and shoes with some cotton or newspaper for filling. Once you have done this, find a spooky mask of fake head that you can put on the top of him, or you could leave it headless if you don't have a mask, and put ketchup on the headless part to make it look like blood. Even a pumpkin head would be great. To make the blood, you might want to mix the ketchup with water to make it look more realistic.

pumpkin (28197)

4: Carve a pumpkin

This is probably the easiest and cheapest thing that you can do, and since everybody knows how to carve a pumkin, it is something fun and easy that you can do with your friends.

5. Creepy Dolls

If you have any old stuffed animals or dolls that you don't mind getting battered, you can rip them up and hang them with pieces of string in your tree. This will definitely be something very creepy that will make the trick or treaters shudder!

6. Cobwebs

If you have any spare string or cotton lying around, you can string this around your trees to give an effect of cobwebs, or you could just buy the storebought cobweb stuff (it is pretty cheap).

Halloween is definitely a special occasion, and if you want your yard and your house looking good for cheap, these are definitely some interesting and neat ways that you can make a create yard of spooks. It will be sure to get the neighbors and trick or treaters talking.