Dryer use accounts for 6-15% of utility costs. Hanging clothes on a line to dry saves on utility cost, wear and tear on clothes and leaves clothes smelling fresh without the cost of chemical laundry aids. The following steps will help you save money, save time, prevent wrinkles and have fresh smelling laundry.

Things You Will Need



Clothes-pin Holder


Select a location for your clothesline. Due to sap, birds and squirrels, hanging the clothesline under trees is not suggested. Good air circulation is the most important thing to consider when hanging clothes to dry, even indoors. A sunny location will dry clothing faster and has a bleaching effect on whites. To prevent fading of colors, turn clothing inside out.

The clothesline should be clean and taut. To clean a clothesline, simply run a wet rag along it. When hanging heavy items, place them at the end to prevent sagging of the clothesline. Examine clothespins for damage or splinters that may snag clothes.

Shake clothing out before hanging to get rid of wrinkles and lint. Hang clothing neatly to dry faster. Unlike a dryer, you don't have to be right there when clothes finish drying to avoid ironing. Hang dress slacks, shirts, dresses and woolens on a hanger so you can just pop them right in the closet when they dry! Clip the hanger to the clothesline with a clothespin to prevent them from slipping.

Hang jeans, pants and shorts on the clothesline by the waist. Leave unbuttoned and unzipped for air circulation. It takes longer to dry these clothing items hanging them by the cuffs.

Pin socks on the clothesline by the toes. You can hang a few "delicate" items together by clipping a clothespin on the corners of the items. Delicates dry quickly so it is fine to group them. Hang shirts by their tails.

To hang sheets on the clothesline, fold hem to hem, fold a few inches over the clothesline and fasten with clothespins. Hang fitted sheets on the clothesline with the pockets on the inside to prevent anything (or insects) from getting in them. Hang towels and washcloths by folding a few inches over the clothesline and fastening with clothespins.

Tips & Warnings

If hanging clothes inside, make sure it is in an area laundry will not pick up strong odors.
It does not have to be very warm to dry clothes, it's more important to have air circulation. Set up a fan!

You can put "crunchy" clothes in the dryer for as little as 5 minutes to soften them.