Vinegar has many uses in our lives. Save on laundry supply costs by using White Vinegar. The smell of the Vinegar evaporates taking with it odors, stains, yellowing, dinginess and static cling. It prevents colors from running and even softens woolens! Here's a list of how to use it instead of expensive laundry products.

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Things You Will Need

Measuring cup

White vinegar

Spray bottle

Use it as a stain remover: Spray full strength on grass stains and let sit overnight before laundering.

Spray full strength on coffee, tea, mustard, fruit and berry stains. Let sit for 1 hour and launder.

Spray 50/50 vinegar and water mix on ketchup, water, perspiration and perfume stains. Let sit for 1 hour and launder.

Equal parts white vinegar and water deodorizes and brightens wool sweaters in was cycle.

Add 1 cup to wash cycle to get rid of gasoline odor.

Add 1 cup to an extra rinse cycle to get rid of strong bleach odor.

Add 1 cup to rinse cycle to soften hard water, prevent graying and yellowing of whites and dinginess due to soap residue.

1/2 cup added to the rinse cycle to brighten colors.

1 cup in wash prevents colors from running.

Soak blue jeans in 50/50 mix of vinegar and water for 15 minutes before laundering to prevent fading.

1 cup in the wash cycle reduces static cling and lint.

Add 1 cup in the final rinse to soften woolens.