The 'environment' is absolutely huge. Not only is it all around us, but, the quality of our environment is also directly related to our own qualities of life. Unfortunately, more oftentimes than not, its so easy to get caught up in our own busy daily routines that sometimes we really forget the little things we can all do individually and collectively to help save our environment one step at a time.

Things You Will Need

Resolve to Make a Difference
Your own Coffee Cup or Mug

Step 1

There are many people who don't believe that there really truly is a "problem" when it comes to our environment. Rather than "saving our environment" it actually seems like some have such little regard for it that they actually go out of their way to make it worse. Just like most anything in life, it is important that we initially recognize that a problem does, in fact, exist. It isn't until we take this initially step that we will really have the right mindset by which to make effective changes, however small, in the ways we live, view, and interact with our environment.

Step 2

There are many things you can do right now today to begin decreasing your own usage of plastic bags. Rather than rely on the bags provided by supermarkets over and over again, one great way to do this is to actually bring your own bag to shop with. You can designate your own cup or mug for coffee, rather than use the cups provided, in fact, many people actually prefer this anyway. Ultimately, whether it comes to soda bottles or plastic bags, we should try to cut back and cease or decrease our usage wherever possible.

Step 3

If you've ever been to a restaurant (who hasn't), there is always an inherent human tendency to take tons of napkins, yet only use a few. I have done this on many occasions. We can all make a difference just by keeping in check our consumption of things like unused napkins and prepackaged condiments (salt, pepper, sugar, ketchup). Rather than take extra with you, we should all try to effectively gauge just how much we really need. There have been many times where I simply grabbed a huge handful of ketchup, only to really use only one or two packets, and, thus, leaving the 5 unused and unopened packets to waste.

Step 4

Anything you can do to decrease car usage will definitely reflect positively on our environment. You have heard it before, but, carpooling to work is a great way to do this. If you have close relationships with your co-workers (and, even if you don't just yet), just by simply car pooling you can make a profound difference, especially when you resort to carpooling consistently over a long period of time. Unfortunately, however, the reason why many people don't do this is because it may not be logistically in their favor. There are many things we can all do that will, not only help the environment, but can also significantly benefit each of us, as individually, as well.

Whenever possible, you should consider walking or riding your bike. Oftentimes, someone will live just around the corner to their nearest supermarket, however, they will resort to driving their car. Unfortunately, it is easy to see how we can be reliant on cars, especially when we rely on their space to carry home huge heaps of groceries that would otherwise be difficult just to carry home in one or two bags. In order to help remedy this, you can either make walking to the grocery store a family endeavor (so, as to have more hands to carry groceries home), or you can disburse your grocery time over the course of a week.

Rather than make one grocery run every week, you could, perhaps consider making 2 or 3 grocery runs to your nearest supermarket. Just by doing this, you can definitely impact your reliance on your car, especially when you use it for transport to and from work all the time.

Step 5

When driving, the amount of weight in a car is directly related to how effectively and efficiently that car conserves gas. Heavier cars always use up a significant amount of gas, while lighter cars don't. With this in mind, it is great just to unload your car of anything that would cause undue weight to be carried around. Unfortunately, many times we often find ourselves carrying tons of things that we don't really even need immediately. These objects pile up in our trunk, and, we are oftentimes too lazy just to take them inside or get rid of them completely. Doing this will make your car run more efficiently, in general, which can lending itself to a much smoother and reliable ride.

Step 6

Another prime example of our human overconsumption is through the use of electrical appliances. Whenever you leave your house, it is important to remember to shut off all your lights and appliances. When you are in a rush there may be a temptation to leave a light on, however, not only does doing this save on your electric bill, but it also helps to keep in check your potential overconsumption of energy. Rather than encourage your children to watch TV, you can instead encourage them to go play outside, which definitely has greater health benefits. To take this to another level, you can go outside and play with them, while make this a great time for family enjoyment and bonding.

Step 7

Oftentimes, we fail to realize just how far simply recycling and picking up trash and litter can go. Even if we all just resolve to pick up one piece of trash a day we can really go a long way in helping to save our environment, especially considering that we have over 3,000,000 people in America and over 6,000,000,000 people in the world. If each one of these people would resolve to do one good thing for the environment every day, a significant impact could be had immediately.

Step 8

Lastly, while you do even the most minor things to keep your overconsumption of water and energy in check, you should also consider making it a priority to stay educated on the issues. Not only is this important for your own self-improvement, but we should all strive to instill this in other people, as well as our own children. No harm can come from teaching our children, at a very young age, how to be true stewards of their time, money, and environment. By instilling these fundamental principles of recognition, care, and concern, we make for better citizens who will be sure to pass these principles on to future generations. Ultimately, doing so will only help to benefit ourselves, and our world and environment, in the long run.

The environment is all around us. Just by making minor alterations, and adjustments, in the way we live and interact with our environment, we can truly make a great difference in the long run.

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