Creases, furrows, lines, crows feet, those nasty little indents in our face known as bed face or sleep wrinkles can wreck havoc with our appearance. But by taking simple measures we can say good night to sleep wrinkles.

Things You Will Need

Satin or silk pillowcase
Natural pillow

Step 1

Think about your sleep position. Side sleepers tend to get wrinkles in their chest area from the skin being pressed together. They also wrinkle in the chin and cheek area. Stomach sleepers tend to wrinkle in the forehead and brow area.

Step 2

Retrain your sleep position and sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back is one of the best ways to say goodnight to sleep wrinkles, however, for some sleepers back sleeping is not a good idea (see tips & warnings).

Step 3

Use a natural feather pillow. Your face will melt into the pillow and you will be able to say goodnight to sleep wrinkles. Using a synthetic, hard pillow presses your skin into the shape of the pillow and encourages more skin wrinkles.

Step 4

Buy silk or satin pillow cases. This is one of the best ways to say goodbye to sleep wrinkles. Silk and satin pillow cases are inexpensive and the skin glides right off them which discourages sleep lines from forming.

If you already have sleep wrinkles use a high quality anti wrinkle cream to eliminate them and practice these tips. Visit for more anti wrinkle skin care tips, techniques for beautiful, glowing skin and to learn more on how to prevent sleep wrinkles.

Tips & Warnings

Pregnant women and those with sleep disorders including breathing problems should not sleep on their backs. Consult your doctor.