Debt comes from always saying yes to what we want. Yes, I want that new tablet. Yes, I want the latest iPhone. Yes, I want to go out to eat. Countless companies advertise to tempt us to buy their products, and we all have fallen into their traps at one point or another.

To save our money and create a workable budget, we must learn to say no. Some people might argue about our inability to say no to life’s expenses, or how life would lose its luster if we stopped spending. Proven ways to save money are in the attitudes adopted about regular expenditures.

The Latest Toys and Gadgets on the Market

Smart Watch
Credit: Forgemind ArchiMedia

Smart watches and other high-tech gadgets are more than the average consumer needs.

Smart watches, 2-in-1 laptop tablets, and Bluetooth adapters are fun to use and own. They keep us updated on private messaging, current game releases, and popular television programming. But about money, does the average consumer need these high-tech devices?

Some people might argue that these toys and gadgets engage the mind and stimulate an otherwise average day. Keeping entertained is their main goal in life. To save money for more important life events, the average consumer can settle with their familiar smartphones, laptops, and cable boxes.

Going Out to Eat Versus Bringing Lunch to Work

Ordering Out
Credit: S Pisharam

People often waste money when they order out to eat.

Whereas my coworkers often order out for their lunch breaks, I pack my lunches. For the best deals, I shop at local and discount grocery stores, such as Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. Doing so has saved me hundreds of dollars, and I eat fewer calories this way, as well.

My coworkers have complained about how boring it is to pack lunches, emphasizing on the great taste in ordering out. Budget-minded people cannot afford to think this way. If a regular bologna sandwich is distasteful, then try homemade pasta or tacos and carry them to work in a lunch container.

Knick-Knacks Bought for Home Decorating

Jim Shore
Credit: Loren Javier

Jim Shore and other artists offer many knickknacks for people to spend money on to an obsessive degree.

Women struggle more with buying useless knickknacks than most men. I’ve personally known women who have spent two hundred or more dollars on knickknacks in one shopping trip, claiming the items would serve to decorate their homes. Do their homes need such expensive decorating?

To save up for future medical bills and college funds, men and women alike should say no to trivial expenditures. If homes need decorating, try taking pictures and printing and framing them. Opening a savings account at the local credit union will prove more beneficial than the Jim Shore figurine.

Wasteful Expenditures for a Wannabe Writer

Credit: Shawn Nystrand

This is an example of a writer's dream: more books than she needs.

We who spend all our time writing articles, blogs, and stories have our wasteful spending habits, as well. To improve our minds and our skills, we buy books left, right, and center. Barnes and Nobles and other book retailers love us. Writers can spend hundreds of dollars on fiction and non-fiction in any given year.

Curbing this horrible habit would be wise of me. Instead of ordering new books online, I should visit more libraries or buy cheap eBooks online. I would save hundreds by doing this, saving my money for future necessary expenses.

Learning to Say No to the Extraneous

Credit: Pictures of Money

We will save hundreds of dollars if we just learn to say no to the unnecessary expenditures.

Too much emphasis cannot be made on the importance in saving money for current and future needs. The ability to save this money lay not only in earning the money, but saving the money. Bank and credit union interest rates only gain so much in saving and money market accounts. Saying no saves more.

This article intends to help people reconsider their expenditures, not make them feel guilty. I, too, have many areas to improve in. Life requires spending over a million for security and food for us and our loved ones. Saying no to gadgets, restaurants, and knickknacks will help.