Tiles are the floor covering of choice in areas most exposed to elements such as rainwater. Bathrooms and kitchens also benefit from an installation of tile. However, tile has been used as decorative pieces since ancient times. In the process of installing tile for whatever purpose, the methods of how to seal grout will be of indispensable use.

Step #1 Choose your sealer. There are two kinds: the penetrating ones, and the membrane forming ones. Membrane forming sealers are good for unglazed tiles but do not adhere well to glazed tiles. These are available in a range of colors that allow you to decorate as you seal.

These are the water resistant types. They are best used on floor tiles. Penetrating sealers soak up into the tile grout. These do not leave a sheen as the other type of sealer does. It is the one suitable for baths and showers. Choose according to your tile.

Step #2 Let your grout dry out sufficiently before attempting to seal it with the sealer that you chose. This requires at least a 24 hour wait. Apply with a paintbrush or an accompanying applicator. Wipe the excess that gets into the tile. For this, a rag must be kept in reach at all times.

Step #3 Apply 3 to 4 coats, or as necessary. Wait at least an hour between applications. This will be enough time for the sealant to dry. The process of how to seal grout must be repeated every once in a while, an average of once in two years. It is a basic maintenance job for households with tile in them.

Whether it is in a prominent place in the foyer floor, a living or dining room, or rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, this will make your tile looking clean and new. The look of tile can be astounding in its loveliness. There are different methods of using tile.

Aside from its practical purposes, floor tile designs serve decorative functions as well. There are mosaictiles, Turkish tiles, patterned ceramic tiles, Persian painted tiles, slate floor tiles and a lot more. For the maintenance and continued good looks of all these, how to seal grout plays a major role.

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